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Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula Takes on President Role

Buffalo Sabres’ owner Terry Pegula becomes president, as the organization separates resources for focused endeavors.

In a strategic move, the Buffalo Sabres have officially announced that team owner Terry Pegula will assume the position of president within the organization. This shift marks a pivotal moment for Pegula Sports & Entertainment as it redefines its operational structure to enhance focus on individual sporting endeavours.

In a tweet posted on Monday morning, the Sabres confirmed the development, revealing that resources will now be distinctively allocated between the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres. This strategic separation aims to empower each organization to channel their efforts more singularly toward their respective objectives.

One of the key outcomes of this change is the intensified collaboration between Terry Pegula and two pivotal figures within the Sabres’ framework: COO John Roth, responsible for the team’s business facets, and General Manager Kevyn Adams, at the helm of the hockey operations. While Pegula has already displayed significant involvement in the team’s decisions, this move could signify a more influential role in shaping the hockey operations strategies.

The separation of resources reflects Pegula’s ownership interests, with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills also under his ownership, alongside his wife, Kim. Although such a transition could potentially blur the lines between ownership influence and operational autonomy, Adams, as the GM, seems poised to benefit from this new organizational change.

Terry Pegula Sabres
Terry Pegula Sabres

Terry Pegula acknowledged the contributions of various individuals within Pegula Sports & Entertainment, expressing gratitude for their collective efforts while underlining the organization’s belief that this restructuring is the right course of action. He emphasized that this transformation will provide a dedicated platform for both the Sabres and the Bills to advance independently, strengthening their respective trajectories.

He noted:

“We are thankful for the work and effort so many individuals have put into PSE over the years, but feel it is the right time for them to return home to separate organizations. We feel that now is the right time to dissolve PSE and allow everyone to focus solely on their respective organization. It is a great time to be a Buffalo sports fan, and we have a tremendous amount of confidence that this restructuring will allow our businesses to continue to elevate with our teams.”

As Pegula Sports & Entertainment undergoes executive changes, Buffalo fans will hope these changes lead to more wins and playoff appearances as the team develops and becomes one of the younger, more talented NHL franchises.

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