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Like Matthews, Maple Leafs to Wait for Nylander on New Contract

Treliving said the Matthews deal got done because the player wanted it done. Is this how negotiations with William Nylander will go?

In a dynamic week for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team has not only secured the services of star player Auston Matthews but also ignited speculation regarding the fate of another key asset, William Nylander. The Leafs’ contractual endeavors took center stage during a press conference on Friday, where Auston Matthews and newly appointed General Manager Brad Treliving fielded questions from the media.

While Matthews’ contract negotiations culminated in a successful agreement — the debate is on about how team-friendly the deal actually is –, attention swiftly turned to William Nylander’s ongoing discussions. It was revealed in an interview with the player himself that Nylander’s desire to remain with the Leafs remains steadfast, despite the contract intricacies. But, a deal is still not done and Treliving didn’t offer any good news or updates regarding talks.

The only news Treliving could deliver was that he doesn’t talk about contracts until they are done and noted, “We got one done and now we will continue to work at it (the Nylander negotiations). William Nylander is a terrific player; he’s a star, and you know I want to keep your good players.” Nylander currently possesses a year left on his contract, providing a window of opportunity for resolution.

Will the Maple Leafs Wait For Nylander to “Want to Get It Done?”

The contractual tango has seen Nylander rumored to be angling for a $10 million annual average value (AAV), while the Leafs reportedly position themselves around $1.5 million lower at an approximately $8.5 million AAV. This discrepancy has led to a stalemate, leaving the contract extension negotiations in limbo. But, as the Leafs say they did with Matthews, maybe they’ll simply wait for Nylander to come to them on his timeline.

William Nylander Toronto Maple Leafs NHL
William Nylander Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

Treliving mentioned that the Matthews deal only got done because Auston wanted it done. If not for that, Toronto would still be waiting, hoping that they were going to be able to keep their superstar center past this coming season. The team had little choice as Matthews held all the cards. In much the same way, Nylander sort of holds the hammer here. If he wants to stay, he’ll have to make it work. If he doesn’t, he’ll test the market. All the while, the intricate interplay between Nylander’s financial aspirations and the team’s salary cap limitations means the Leafs might just have to wait.

As discussions persist, Auston Matthews expressed his optimism for Nylander’s future with the team, saying, “He’s his own man and he’ll make his own decisions. I hope he’s a Maple Leaf for a very long time as well.”

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