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Boudreau Emotional After Fans Rally Behind Future-Ex Coach

Bruce Boudreau was emotional as fans chanted during the team’s loss on Friday. No one likes how the coaching situation is being handled.

Anyone watching the Vancouver Canucks’ coaching situation closely knows that Bruce Boudreau’s days are numbered. Even the coach himself told members of the media on Friday that “I’d be a fool to say I don’t know what’s going on.” What’s going on is that the Canucks are bringing in Rick Tocchet to coach as soon as his TNT analyst deal ends and forcing Boudreau to coach the team, all while knowing he’s soon to be replaced.

It’s a crappy situation and one that many are calling the Canucks organization out for. If everyone knows he’s going, let him go. Have an interim coach step up in the meantime. It’s not like the Canucks are going to be winning anyway.

Fans in Vancouver know the situation sucks too. On Friday night, as the Canucks were losing 3-1 to the Colorado Avalanche, a chant broke out in Rogers Arena of “Bruce, there it is.” Clearly, the coach was touched as cameras caught him fist-pumping his chest in a show of gratitude. His appreciation for the game, his players and the fans has never been in question and Boudreau needed a second to gather himself and continue to do his job, even if only for a little while longer.

The Canucks Taking a Ton Of Heat For How They’re Approaching Things

Few are arguing that perhaps the Canucks need to move on from Boudreau. The team isn’t responding, they’re about to dump many of their best players at this year’s trade deadline and it might be time for a fresh voice. All that said, there’s a way you do things and a way you don’t. This is not the way.

The decision to leave the veteran coach hanging in the wind, all while confirming they’ve searched out the services of a new bench boss is disgraceful and isn’t sitting well with most of the hockey community, where Boudreau has earned a ton of respect for his many years of NHL service. TSN reporter Farhan Lalji wonders if the way the Canucks are conducting business will have players questioning whether they should consider the team in free agency or trades, simply because they leave their own out to dry.

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