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Insider Makes Bold Prediction on Leon Draisaitl’s Future with Oilers

NHL insider Friedman explains his opinion on a future deal between the Edmonton Oilers and Leon Draisaitl.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman recently shared his insights on the future of Leon Draisaitl, one of the Edmonton Oilers’ star players, during an appearance on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer. Friedman expressed his belief that Draisaitl is likely to remain with the Oilers in the foreseeable future, citing the stability of the current situation.

What’s interesting about Friedman’s comments is that he seems to suggest Draisaitil will re-sign regardless of whether the Oilers win the Stanley Cup or not. “If things stay the same, I don’t think he’ll go anywhere.” That said, when talking about when Draisaitl and the Oilers should get that extension done, he suggested that the longer it takes after he’s eligible to re-sign, the more of a circus it becomes.

Draisaitl, an integral part of the Oilers’ lineup, currently has two seasons remaining on his existing contract before the team needs to consider an extension. Obviously, the two sides can speak earlier than that, and like Auston Matthews who extended with Toronto one year ahead of his current deal coming due, the Oilers would love to do the same with the German-born forward who has consistently been a top performer for the Oilers, contributing significantly to their success on the ice.

Reflecting on his time with the Oilers, Draisaitl expressed a mix of nostalgia and excitement about his long-standing association with the organization. Going into his tenth year with the team, he acknowledged how quickly time has passed but also expressed his enjoyment of the journey and the memorable experiences he has had as an Oiler.

Draisaitl Is Ready and is Determined To See This Team Win

Speaking to the media, Draisaitl emphasized the team’s determination and unity, highlighting their shared goal of achieving success in the NHL. “We’re determined. You can see it in the fact that everyone’s here working hard and trying to get things going early and obviously, there’s one goal here,” he said when speaking with the media on Thursday. He pointed out the Oilers’ strength at clearly winning games but acknowledged room for improvement in avoiding losses.

Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers NHL 1
Leon Draisaitl Edmonton Oilers extension speculation

Draisaitl stressed the importance of maturity and the learning process that comes with navigating challenges and setbacks. The desire to bring a Stanley Cup to Edmonton remains at the forefront of the team’s objectives, with Draisaitl underscoring the competitive nature of the league and the collective effort required to achieve this goal. “We want to win,” he said, finally. “I mean, you guys write about it every day. We say it almost every day. We want to win a Stanley Cup here. There’s no doubt about that.”

Leon Draisaitl’s future with the Edmonton Oilers continues to be a topic of interest and speculation among fans and analysts. Friedman figures it’s a lock that he’ll be sticking around, but until that deal is signed, fans will wonder what the future holds. In the short term, he and the team are focused on winning a Stanley Cup. After the season, the real talk about a contract extension might begin.

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