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Oilers’ Host Posts McDavid Stats, Balks at Matthews is Best Claim

Edmonton Oilers’ host highlights Connor McDavid’s dominant stats, challenging that Auston Matthews is the best “overall player” in the NHL.

A recent debate sparked in the hockey world when Matthew Knies made controversial comments praising Auston Matthews as the best overall player in the NHL. Knies lauded Matthews for his goal-scoring prowess and defensive abilities, but his comments ignited a counterargument from one Edmonton Oilers host. Knies said when asked about how good Matthews is: “Pretty damn good. He’s not just the best goal scorer in the NHL but he plays defense too. He’s kind of the best overall player [in the NHL] in my eyes.”

Bob Stauffer, the host of Oilers Now and a color commentator for the Oilers, took to Twitter to present a compelling case for Connor McDavid as the NHL’s best player.

Stauffer backed his argument with an array of statistical achievements:

Connor McDavid’s Regular Season Stats Since 2015:

  • Points: 850 (1st)
  • Assists: 547 (1st)
  • Power Play (PP) Points: 289 (1st)
  • Even Strength (EVS) Goals: 225 (1st)

Playoff Performance in the Last Two Seasons:

  • Points: 53 (1st)
  • Assists: 35 (1st)
  • PP Points: 20 (1st)
  • Goals: 18 (2nd, behind Draisaitl)

Stauffer’s conclusion was clear: “He’s the best!” His statistical breakdown undeniably places Connor McDavid at the forefront of the NHL’s elite players.

Oilers fans quickly rallied behind Stauffer’s argument, showing unwavering support for their superstar. Responses flooded the Twitter thread, with comments like “No one is on this level!!!” and “And we’re lucky to get to watch him every day!!” reinforcing the sentiment that McDavid’s on-ice excellence sets him apart as the most dominant force in the league.

The debate over who holds the title of the NHL’s best player is a perennial one, and opinions often vary. While Matthew Knies’ comments celebrated Auston Matthews’ multifaceted game, Bob Stauffer’s statistics-driven defense of Connor McDavid showcases the Edmonton Oilers captain’s incredible impact on the ice. Ultimately, the discussion surrounding the NHL’s top talent is a testament to the depth of skill and talent in the league, with both McDavid and Matthews standing as shining examples of elite hockey players.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. codyafs1

    September 8, 2023 at 1:19 pm

    This is not even a debate. I don’t even have Matthews in my top 5. He sits somewhere between 6 and 10 depending what you value.
    1. Mcdavid
    2. Draisaitl
    3. Tkachuk
    4. Mackinnon
    5. Makar

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