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Connor Bedard Injured, Has Fractured Jaw Following Big Hit

Connor Bedard took a huge hit from Brendan Smith and it has been learned he has a fractured jaw.

** Update: Connor Bedard has a fractured jaw. Nick Foligno also has a fractured finger. According to the Pacific Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center, after a jaw fracture, most people recover in 4-8 weeks. Less serious fractures often require less time. If you’ve lost teeth, it can take a little longer to replace them. Typically, that process doesn’t begin until after your jawbone has healed.

To say the least, Bedard will be out for a little while. The All-Star Game seems extremely unlikely.

In a game against the New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks, superstar rookie Connor Bedard faced an unfortunate exit after a hit from Brendan Smith, leading to his absence for the remainder of the game. Bedard went to the locker room and didn’t return. Immediate concern mounted as there were no immediate updates on his condition.

In the first period, Bedard carried the puck into the Devils’ zone when Smith stepped forward, delivering a substantial hit, seemingly impacting Bedard’s mouth or jaw. The Blackhawks phenom got up and skated off on his own, but he was holding his face and it didn’t look good.

While many are calling it a clean hit with Bedard caught in an awkward position, Nick Foligno engaged in an extended fight with Smith in response to Bedard’s injury. It was one of the longer fights of the 2023-24 NHL season. Foligno didn’t return after the second period, but it was unclear if he was injured in the fight.

Connor Bedard hurt with hit to jaw

Coach Luke Richardson provided no immediate updates on both Bedard and Foligno postgame, leaving their conditions uncertain. He also noted, “I don’t know if it was dirty. I think Connor was reaching for a puck and didn’t see him. … I don’t think he stepped up on him. I just think he kind of stopped and Connor ran headfirst right into him.”

However, injury news on Saturday offered an update and it’s not good.

A Fractured Jaw Is Not What Bedard Needed in His Rookie Season

Bedard, a rookie standout already, tops the rookie charts in goals, assists, and points, earning an All-Star nod recently. The Blackhawks, already grappling with multiple injuries, faced additional challenges with Foligno leaving the game after three shifts.

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