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Andrew Mangiapane Is Looking Forward to Flames’ Season

Despite uncertainty surrounding the Calgary Flames and players potentially leaving, Andrew Mangiapane is looking forward to the year.

From the outside, it might look like there’s a bit of disarray with the Calgary Flames. However, one player is anxious to return. That’s Andrew Mangiapane. He’s nothing short of excited about starting the upcoming season.

In a recent interview (seen below), he shared his optimism about the Flames’ prospects for the season. He was especially pleased about the team’s continuity and camaraderie as key assets.

Yes, There Have Been Changes with the Flames, However …

The Flames are a regrouping team. And, as they start training camp, Mangiapane acknowledges there have been changes in the lineup. That said, he’s pleased that the team’s core of the team has remained relatively intact. This continuity, he believes, will be the foundation for a great team.

His teammates are, in his opinion, a fantastic group of players.

Mangiapane is eager to return to the ice. It isn’t only about the game itself, it’s also about being with his friends and teammates and working to build stronger bonds and chemistry within the team. For him, it’s also about the importance of cohesion and unity. You can tell from his comments in the interview that he really likes his teammates and enjoys the bond that he has with them.

Andrew Mangiapane Calgary Flames
Andrew Mangiapane Calgary Flames

One standout theme in Mangiapane’s conversation is that he has an unwavering commitment to a winning mentality. He emphasized the team’s goal of approaching every game with a mindset focused on victory. He also highlighted the importance of winning when it matters most and playing high-quality hockey throughout the season.

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Three Reasons Mangiapane Is Excited for a New Season in Calgary

You can hear Mangiapane’s excitement for the new season in his voice. In listening to the video, there are three main reasons why he’s looking forward to 2023-24.

Reason One: Continuity and Camaraderie

Mangiapane recognizes the value of having a cohesive team with a strong sense of camaraderie. Despite changes in the lineup, he’s thrilled the core of the Flames remains intact. This continuity not only fosters familiarity on the ice but also builds trust and chemistry among the players. Mangiapane’s anticipation for the new season is driven by the belief that this tight-knit group can achieve great things together.

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Reason Two: Building Stronger Bonds

For Mangiapane, hockey is not just about the game itself; it’s also about the relationships and bonds formed with teammates. He’s eager to continue building stronger connections within the team. Mangiapane understands that off-ice chemistry often translates to better performance on the ice. His enthusiasm for bonding and jelling with his teammates indicates his commitment to fostering a positive team dynamic.

Reason Three: A Winning Mentality

Perhaps the most significant reason Mangiapane is looking forward to the new season is his commitment to winning. He approaches every game focused on winning. His determination to play high-quality hockey throughout the season is a driving force behind his excitement. Mangiapane’s dedication to winning sets a tone for the Flames’ aspirations for success.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Mangiapane is looking forward to a new season in Calgary. He believes the Flames are poised for a successful season and he’s confident and determined to work for that success on the ice.

His words reflect a sense of determination and optimism that could fuel the Flames training camp as they prepare for the upcoming season. With a close-knit group of players, the team is poised to bring a winning attitude to the ice and aim for success in the games ahead.

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