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8 Movie Trailers Sure To Raise Questions

Here are 8 movie trailers for films you might want to see but also have us asking a lot of questions.

Summer is nearly here and that means blockbuster movies. Some will be huge hits, some huge flops but the trailers will get us talking. Knowing that fans won’t likely get a chance to see every movie that hit the screens this summer, our job is to try and narrow it down a touch for you and decipher what each trailer is telling us about these movies. Are they controversial? Are they a waste of time? Is this movie going to be the next great Oscar-worthy masterpiece? Perhaps we can offer some advice from our many years of stuffing our faces with candy and drinking far too many sodas to be healthy for us.

What are eight movies we think you should consider watching this movie season but also not sure about because the trailers are what they are? Click through below to watch our must-see movie trailer picks and find out which ones will have the potential to be the biggest exploders this season and which are going to let you down the minute the movie actually starts. These trailers are sure to raise questions but some will offer you and your fellow plebs a chance to join our ranks and watch the best of the best in action, comedy, horror, and drama while stuffing popcorn in your gobs.

The Happytime Murders

Up first is The Happytime Murders, coming out August 17th and starring Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks. This adult puppet comedy was recently in the headlines after being sued by Sesame Workshop, the organization that produces Sesame Street, for using their trademark and the tagline “No sesame, all street”. Despite the controversy, this one looks pretty good if you’re a fan of juvenile and bottom-of-the-barrel jokes. A lot of us are, so here’s hoping.

You may choose to see this film because you actually think it will be good or you may choose to see it for the same reason you slow down at a car crash…

We’ll warn you up front, there are some disturbing (potentially hilarious) scenes in this trailer and it’s not exactly PG. Don’t turn the volume up if you’re watching this at work! As you watch it, you’ll likely have a variety of reactions as we did. From this looks insane to Jim Henson is probably rolling over in his grave to asking what just happened to your childhood? Some will suggest this is just silly and those who love puppets won’t be fans. Others are all over this kind of thing and we all know how good movies like Sausage Party do, so there’s an audience for this.

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