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Netflix and the Obamas: What’s Going On?

What’s going on exactly with the Obama and Netflix deal? Is this good for everyone? Or as some of the backlash suggests, not so good?

When we think of Presidents and television, of course, the current reality star-turned President of the United States is first on our list. That however is reportedly all going to change. The Obama family has signed a $50 million dollar deal with Netflix to produce a series of programs sure to catch the attention of Obama-family fans, Democrats, Netflix viewers, and media, all of whom will be watching closely to see what, exactly, the duo or Barack and Michelle have in mind.

Will Whatever The Obamas Are Doing Be Any Good?

There are a few things to know about this Obama/Netflix deal.

First is the show going to live up to the hype? Netflix is great for making some top-shelf programs and documentaries, however; for every Making of a Murderer, Narcos or Stranger Things we see a dozen snoozers. Penning a deal for this much, I am going to assume they are willing to pour everything they can into it which should be a good thing. When Netflix does make something good, it usually is very good. But what will it be?

It does not sound like it will be a keeping up with the Kardashians, which I think we can all agree is great! However, that doesn’t tell us what it is, simply what it isn’t.

The Details of the Relationship

The LLC they have formed with Netflix will be called Higher Ground Productions. While there is speculation as such, both sides have said this will not simply be a way to fire back at the current President and right-wing outlets like Fox news. Instead, the focus will be “scripted, un-scripted, series and documentaries” dealing with many of the issues Barack championed in his time as the Commander in Chief and leader of the free world. One of the focal points may be the joys of his presidency and meeting so many various people from so many walks of life.

The Controversy

Now, of course, this deal has to have controversy as it seems all things in politics do these days. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos allegedly helped broker the deal and is a strong Obama supporter. On the surface, this might not seem like much until you learn with his wife Nicole Avant and friends bundled and donated $600,000 to Obamas 2012 Presidential Campaign. Nicole’s father, with friends, also donated $450,000 to Obamas campaigns. The quick math says that’s over a million dollars and potentially constitutes a little more than a casual donation. Also from 2009 – 2011 Avant — who is friends with the Obamas — was ambassador to the Bahamas. All this comes after the Obamas signed a book deal for $65 million. One thing can be said for sure they are making money in the post-presidential life.

Sarandos, however, has claimed this relationship will be a win/win. With the Obamas being known and respected worldwide they should be hit. Is he right? Twitter exploded with #boycottABC in regards to the cancellation of Roseanne. A quick scroll through and many of the people who claim they will be boycotting ABC also support a boycott of Netflix over the deal between the Obamas and the streaming service giant.

But all that aside, all we can do now as the public is sit back and wait to see if Netflix has another monster hit on its hands. Currently, I could not find a release date for any planned programs.

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