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Victor Olofsson Requests Trade as Shot at Big UFA Deal Fading

Buffalo Sabres’ Victor Olofsson, is seeking out of Buffalo, knowing that his chance at a big contract is being flushed down the drain.

Buffalo Sabres’ winger, Victor Olofsson, is actively seeking a new opportunity amidst a challenging season. The 28-year-old Swede, a regular healthy scratch this year, expressed his concerns to GM Kevyn Adams about his limited playing time and diminished production, telling Lance Lysowski of The Buffalo News, “I’ve got to play hockey, and right now I’m not doing it.” Olofsson has confirmed that he officially requested a trade.

He added, “I’ve always had a great time here, and I love it here, but I’ve got to think about myself obviously. If there’s an opportunity to go somewhere and play, that would be the ideal thing.”

Olofsson’s performance this season has been subpar compared to his previous years, managing only four goals and eight assists in 35 games. In contrast, he scored an impressive 28 goals just last season, and his current struggles have sparked a desire for a change. The team has also struggled, the third-worst team in the Eastern Conference.

Not only that, for Olofsson, the downturn in his production and the team’s brutal play comes at a terrible time. He was playing for a lucrative free-agent contract as a pending UFA. It now seems uncertain he’ll be a coveted player from any organization.

Olofsson’s Contract Could Pose a Trade Problem

But a trade won’t be easy to pull off. The winger’s $4.75MM cap hit poses a significant challenge for potential suitors. Contending teams with limited cap space may find it difficult to accommodate his salary, even with the maximum 50% retention. If he were having a repeat season from last year, things might be different. But, money is so hard to come by this year that this financial constraint narrows the possibilities for Olofsson’s potential move.

Victor Olofsson Sabres trade talk

Speculations suggest that his best chance of leaving the Sabres may lie with a non-playoff team capable of absorbing his contract. Perhaps a team like Chicago or Anaheim might make sense. A potential scenario involves a trade with a team facing injuries, looking to fill roster gaps, or swapping expiring contracts with an underachieving forward. Nevertheless, executing such a move might prove intricate.

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