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Country Music Star Signs Petition to Dump Him as Oilers Anthem Singer

Trying to explain a loss, an Edmonton-based radio station started a petition to remove a Canadian country star who signs the National Anthem.

In a hilarious twist, Canadian country music star Brett Kissel has signed a petition from a local Edmonton radio station to remove him as an anthem singer for the Edmonton Oilers. Kissel is known for being an avid Oilers fan and the organization has often brought him to sing the National Anthem. Unfortunately, the Oilers record is terrible when he sings.

Virgin Radio Edmonton posted a tweet and suggested listeners sign the petition they put together. “Look, no hard feelings to Brett Kissel but the stats don’t lie. Our Edmonton Oilers have lost every single playoff game that he sings a National Anthem,” they wrote. They added, “Sign this petition so we can bring Lord Stanley home!”

Kissel saw the petition and responded. He joked that he too signed the petition and said no hard feelings taken. He then trolled the station and hilariously pointed out, “It’s my fault Kopitar scored in OT. 100% on me. My fault the Oilers lost in ‘06 to Carolina too. I sang the anthem at home in my house back in June of 2006.”

Fans Are Superstitious and Kissel Is a Fan First

The radio station is playing on the superstition of fans who will look for any reason to try and help their team, even though the two things are completely unrelated. Ironically, if Kissel actually thought his performances were negatively affecting the team, he’d be the first to stop doing it. Above being an artist who sings the anthem, he’s a true Oilers fan. He’d do almost anything to help the team win.

Brett Kissel sings the National Anthem at Oilers games

It’s unlikely the Oilers actually take this petition seriously, but it will be fascinating to see if the pattern of him singing and the Oilers losing continues.

There were plenty of fans who showed their support for the country singer too.

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