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Should the PWHL Expect Some Big Trades Come Trade Deadline?

With the PWHL trade deadline approaching filled with different rules than the NHL should some big trades should be expected?

Every single player is available for trade in the PWHL. Unlike the NHL where players have no-trade clause or protection built into their contracts, no PWHL player is safe from the trade deadline. Ten games into the season, the league has already seen its very first trade, and it’s a blockbuster. PWHL GMs are in a mutualistic mindset. With the fast-approaching PWHL trade deadline, should the league expect some big trades to come? 

PWHL has declared March 17 as the trade deadline. But this deadline is going to look a lot different from the NHL. In the PWHL, no-trade clauses are not permitted, and in addition, draft picks are not allowed to be traded. It’s going to make things interesting. PWHL Boston GM Danielle Marmer stated, “So we recognize we have to trade good players to get good players in return.” This mindset will carry over to all GMs throughout the league. Furthermore, teams are allowed to go over the cap limit by 10%. Granted, before the start of the next season, they meet the requirements. Trades will look a little different in the PWHL.

All PWHL Trades Hold ‘Blockbuster’ Status

The league saw its first-ever trade between Boston and Minnesota. Which saw defender Abby Cook and forward Sussana Tapani be shipped off to PWHL Boston in return for Sophie Jaques. For a great number of players, the idea of getting traded wasn’t a thing they had to worry about until the creation of the PWHL. Since anyone can be moved, players know they could be traded away and it’s on everyone’s minds.

Adding to that, the mindset of GMs going in will add an extra layer of suspense leading up to the trade deadline. Teams must lose important players to gain, hopefully, more impactful players. While it is unlikely to see big names go anywhere, it is a very real possibility. 

PWHL Players

Nonetheless, every trade will seem like a blockbuster. Every player in the PWHL holds significance as they have made their way onto the inaugural rosters, holding Olympic-quality skills. On top of that, since no draft picks are available, it will likely be a ‘one-for-one’ on every trade. No lopsided trades will be seen. All GMs will work together to make every trade mutually beneficial for both organizations. Some key players may be finding new homes. It’s going to be an interesting trade deadline come March 17.

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