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Patrick Kane Sends Note to Red Wings Fans Hinting at Future

Patrick Kane sent a note to Detroit Red Wings fans on Wednesday, which might hint at his future.

It’s hard not to read into a message sent by a player to the fan base when messages directed at an entire city from one player are usually meant to double as a thank you and a goodbye. That’s why fans in Detroit aren’t entirely sure what to make of the note Patrick Kane posted on social media on Wednesday. It’s a positive message, but it’s also mildly cryptic considering the uncertainty of his playing future.

Kane wrote:

“Thank you Red Wings, my teammates, coaches and all the fans of Hockey Town for welcoming me and my family with open arms this season. This past year gave us memories we’ll never forget. The work doesn’t stop.” He finished with a “#LGRW” which means Let’s Go Red Wings.”

The last part seems to be a hint that Kane is seriously considering returning to the team. It feels unlikely he would actively cheer on the franchise if he intended to leave it. It’s also a positive that he’s thanking everyone for his welcome to Detroit and not his time in Detroit. It might feel like a small difference, but it could be huge. A welcome suggests this is only the beginning. Time in Detroit suggests it’s ending.

Does Kane’s Note Mean He’s Staying with the Red Wings?

There has been a lot of chatter about what comes next. Does Kane stick around and sign another contract in Detroit? Or, will he test the market after a successful season that saw his previous injuries not a play a factor in his production? Some insiders aren’t sure the Red Wings want to commit long-term to a player of Kane’s age, but it’s not clear what the forward is asking for either.

Patrick Kane Red Wings plays

It may be a case where he’s extremely happy in Detroit and is open to shorter-term deals to stay where he’s comfortable and take it season by season as long as the team is competitive.

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