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Utah Jazz Owners Seek NHL Expansion, Sparks Timing Questions

With incredibly convenient timing, the NHL has revealed NBA’s Utah Jazz, have requested NHL to initiate expansion process.

In an announcement that is being seen as incredibly convenient timing, the NHL has revealed that Smith Entertainment Group (SEG), the owners of the NBA’s Utah Jazz, have formally requested the NHL to initiate an expansion process. The intent is to bring professional hockey to Salt Lake City. The request, made by Ryan Smith, the chairman of SEG and governor of the Utah Jazz, comes with an ambitious timeline, as the group claims it has the “immediate ability” to welcome an NHL franchise to Salt Lake City as early as the next season.

The press release from SEG suggests that the Delta Center, the current home of the Utah Jazz, could serve as an interim arena until a new rink is built for the 2034 Olympics. SEG has been in discussions with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman since 2002, according to the release.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed ongoing discussions and expressed appreciation for SEG’s interest in bringing NHL hockey to Utah. The league acknowledges the potential of Utah as a promising market and is keen to explore the possibilities further.

This Expansion Announcement Comes at a Questionable Time

Despite the optimistic tone of the announcement, some fans and analysts have raised eyebrows at the timing of the news. Media writers like Frank Seravlli and Jesse Marshall pointed out the coincidence of the NHL’s Utah expansion news surfacing just moments after reports emerged about five players from Canada’s 2018 World Junior hockey team facing pending sexual assault charges. Critics question whether the timing is an attempt to divert attention from the sensitive legal matters involving the Canadian players.

Utah expansion NHL

As the NHL contemplates expansion into Utah, the unfolding situation draws attention not only to the league’s potential plans for growth, but about how serious this news actually is considering the timing of its release. It can’t be a coincidence that the NHL would like the media to focus on something other than the potential World Junior sexual allegations scandal that potentially involves a number of their players.

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