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Trading Jonathan Marchessault a Viable Option for Golden Knights

Speculation swirls around Jonathan Marchessault’s trade as contract end nears, potential impact on Golden Knights.

With one season remaining on Jonathan Marchessault’s current contract, speculation is stirring regarding a potential trade involving the talented winger. The notion has been sparked by remarks from Chris Gawlik of Vegas Hockey Now, who, in light of Marchessault’s recent TVA Sports interview, points out the absence of any contract negotiations between the player and the Golden Knights.

Marchessault, a pivotal force behind the Golden Knights’ triumphant capture of their first Stanley Cup last season, further elevated his trade desirability following his crowning as the Conn Smythe Trophy in the 2023 playoffs. If he’s made available, there will undoubtedly be interest from other teams, potentially leading to a lucrative return if the Golden Knights decide to entertain trade offers.

While some might argue that the Golden Knights would be insane to trade Marchessault, this kind of thinking is the modus operandi of Golden Knights’ General Manager Kelly McCrimmon. He has a history of unapologetcially parting ways with key players. Such a track record has led observers to consider the possibility of Marchessault’s departure. Not only that, but moving Marchessault’s $5 million average annual cap hit to free up space to do other things is a solid example of how the Golden Knights operate. Marchessault makes an affordable $3.5 million salary, so his actual cash value versus his cap hit would be an attractive option for teams with cap room, especially those that need to stay above the cap floor. And, because he only has a five-team no-trade clause, he doesn’t hold a ton of leverage should the team opt for a strategic move.

Gawlik writes:

It is time to acknowledge reality. There is a possibility that Marchessault is traded sometime before now and when his contract expires after the 2023-24 season. Marchessault will be 33-years-old when his contract expires and a hot commodity should he opt for free agency. General manager Kelly McCrimmon understands that and may try and get something in return vs. letting Marchessault walk.

As the hockey world awaits developments, all eyes are on the Golden Knights’ front office to see whether this intriguing possibility will materialize into a high-stakes trade involving the dynamic Jonathan Marchessault.

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