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Penguins Said to Be Likely Landing Spot for Tomas Tatar

Penguins reportedly eye Tomas Tatar as a forward option; Dubas emphasizes competition, potential roster adjustments.

During a late-night edition of Sportsnet Central and while providing analysis on the Erik Karlsson trade that saw the San Jose Sharks, Montreal Canadiens, and Pittsburgh Penguins all involved, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman suggested that the Penguins are eyeing the possibility of acquiring forward Tomas Tatar. When asked what they might do next, Tatar was high on Friedman’s to-watch list.

Tatar, an unrestricted free agent (UFA), remains unsigned by any team, making him an intriguing option for the Penguins who just recently learned they would be without forward Jake Guentzel to open the season and could use a little depth at forward. If rumors of their interest in the veteran are accurate, the potential move gains added significance following the Penguins’ recent blockbuster trade for Karlsson over the weekend.

Downplaying a potential Tatar addition, New Penguins’ GM Kyle Dubas shared his perspective on what moves might come next for his new team. He stated, “I don’t expect anything more major. You can never make any promises. We’re six weeks out from camp starting. I think this will be the group.” Dubas emphasized the team’s willingness to utilize waivers to enhance flexibility and maintain a competitive atmosphere. With room for 22 players on opening night, Dubas highlighted the consideration of unrestricted free agents (UFA) and professional tryout (PTO) contracts to round out the roster. In that respect, Tatar might still fit.

Among the potential candidates, Tatar emerges as a strong contender based on his impressive goal-scoring statistics. One conceivable strategy could involve offering Tatar significant playing time within the top six during the initial stages of the season, with the flexibility to transition him to the third line, thereby fortifying their goal-scoring depth.

As conjecture swirls, the notion of signing Tomas Tatar to a one-year, $1 million contract gains traction as a strategic and financially prudent move for the Pittsburgh Penguins. As the NHL landscape continues to evolve, fans and analysts alike await the resolution of these dynamic roster developments in the lead-up to the forthcoming season.

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