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Tarasenko’s Impact on Senators: Experience and Enthusiasm

Newcomer Vladimir Tarasenko is bringing scoring to the Ottawa Senators. But what else does he bring? What does he think of his new team?

Vladimir Tarasenko will play his first season as a newcomer forward for the Ottawa Senators and he’s already gotten off to an interesting start during his first preseason game. He seems to be a bit of a free spirit, but a talented one.

In his own words, as heard in the video below, he’s settling into his new team with a positive outlook. When asked about his adjustment to his relatively young teammates, Tarasenko shared his admiration for their style of play and their dedication to the team. He really seems impressed by the lot of them.

One aspect that stands out to Tarasenko is the pace at which the Senators play. He appreciates the speed and agility demonstrated by his teammates on the ice. For him, that just makes it clear that this team is filled with skilled players. In addition, he was impressed by the sense of pride that these young players take in representing Ottawa and its passionate fanbase.

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Taresenko Believes the Senators Have Great Potential

Tarasenko’s optimism for the season ahead is evident as he talks. He believes the Senators have the potential to take the next step in their playoff journey. They are right on the cusp. Can they make it this season? He aims to help.

He acknowledges that training camp has been a few intense days of hard work. However, he emphasizes the importance of learning how to work hard and come to enjoy the process. Setting high goals for the season is another key element of this team’s approach.

One notable aspect of Tarasenko’s presence in the team is his willingness to share his wealth of experience. He understands the team’s growth and maturity over the coming season and is eager to contribute. He’s more than willing to impart his knowledge on winning and everything related to hockey.

Taresenko’s ultimate aim is to help the team win as many games as possible. He believes the team can secure a spot in the playoffs and ultimately contend for the coveted Stanley Cup.

The Bottom Line

In short, Tarasenko is excited about the season ahead and the possibilities it holds for his new team. Tarasenko brings the Senators a blend of experience and enthusiasm. He appreciates the youthful energy of his teammates and is committed to guiding them toward success.

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