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Patrick Kane’s Recovery Video Released, Likely to Sign in a Month

A video released showing Patrick Kane’s impressive recovery journey following hip surgery hints at his imminent return to the NHL.

Patrick Kane, the highly sought-after free agent in the NHL, is making significant progress in his recovery from hip resurfacing surgery, which he underwent on June 1st. His rehabilitation journey has been documented in a video package released by his representatives at CAA Hockey, showcasing his determination to return to the NHL in the coming weeks. He looks good, even if the reality is he’s still a month away from signing with an NHL team.

The video footage reveals Kane actively skating, signaling positive strides in his rehabilitation process. Kane’s commitment to regaining his on-ice prowess after undergoing a significant surgical procedure is undoubtedly enticing for Stanley Cup contenders and NHL teams in general.

Numerous teams in the league are closely monitoring Kane’s recovery and potential return. As the anticipation builds, it appears that Kane is on track to make his comeback sooner rather than later. There have a been a number of clubs linked to the forward, with the Buffalo Sabres said to be seriously interested. Born in Hamburg, NY, Kane’s ties to the area have fueled rumors about a potential return to his hometown team.

What Will His Next Deal Look Like?

While the specific details of Kane’s next NHL deal remain undisclosed, insiders suggest that he is expected to sign a new contract within approximately a month. There will only be so many teams that can afford him considering a signing bonus and past-35 bonus-heavy deal are off the table. He’s going to need to land with a team that either has room now or will have room because of a long-term injury.

As one of the league’s elite players, Kane’s return will undoubtedly impact the competitive landscape of the NHL, and fans and teams alike are eagerly awaiting his decision on where he will continue his illustrious career.

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