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Senators’ Owner Andlauer Has Not-So-Subtle Message for Shane Pinto

New Ottawa Senators’ owner Michael Andlauer has made interesting comments on the issues surrounding Shane Pinto.

The status of contract negotiations between the Ottawa Senators and young forward Shane Pinto remains uncertain, creating both buzz and concern among hockey fans in Ottawa. The Senators are determined to secure Pinto’s future with the team but face the challenge of balancing their salary cap constraints with their commitment to a sustainable team culture.

A strong summer that saw the team make multiple changes, including securing new ownership, the team’s desire to clear cap space to accommodate Pinto’s next deal is evident. However, they are equally determined not to exceed what they consider a fair contract offer, aligning with their team philosophy.

In response to the ongoing discussions, new owner Michael Andlauer provided insights into the situation. He acknowledged that the Shane Pinto contract situation is unique, highlighting that the Senators have not been in a salary cap predicament in recent memory. Andlauer isn’t the GM, and ultimately, Pierre Dorion will have to sort this out, but the new owner was asked for his opinion just the same. He emphasized that the team wanted to resolve the situation and secure Pinto’s signature.

Shane Pinto Michael Andlauer Senators
Shane Pinto and Michael Andlauer Ottawa Senators

The Pinto Deal Is As Much About Team Culture Than It Is Money

Andlauer also mentioned that contract negotiations extend beyond mere spending considerations; they are deeply rooted in team culture. He emphasized the unity and passion within the current team, with players expressing their desire to continue together. For Andlauer, it’s about creating a sustainable financial framework that ensures the team can adequately compensate its players while delivering a satisfying experience for fans both on and off the ice.

In other words, Andlauer is making it known that players who want to be in Ottawa will show that they want to be in Ottawa. Competitive and championship teams include players who look at the unit as a whole and not just at the individual contracts and how high they can get them. Andlauer’s final message reflects his commitment to fan satisfaction: “It’s not me that pays you; it’s the fans. Let’s take care of the fans. Let’s make sure the experience is right on and off the ice.”

Will This Get Sorted Between the Senators and Pinto?

As negotiations continue, the Ottawa Senators and Shane Pinto face the challenge of finding common ground that respects both salary cap limitations and the team’s enduring culture. There have been reports that if the two sides can’t figure it out, the Philadelphia Flyers are willing to take an Ottawa contract off the books, but want a high-end prospect as well. Hockey Night in Canada‘s Elliotte Friedman said the club has an interest in winger Mathieu Joseph.

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