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Should the Maple Leafs Trade for the Flames Tyler Toffoli?

Another Calgary Flames player is on the move. Tyler Toffoli told the Flames he won’t re-sign. Should the Toronto Maple Leafs go after him?

Interestingly, the exodus from the Calgary Flames seems to be continuing. This time the player choosing not to re-sign with the Flames is Tyler Toffoli. As a result, the word today was that the Flames had put up the offensive forward as a trade possibility.

Bad News from Calgary Might Be Good News for Brad Treliving

On one hand, you’d have to think that Brad Treliving, the former Calgary Flames GM, has to feel bad about his old Flames team. At the same time, as the new general manager (GM) for the Toronto Maple Leafs, you also have to know he’s ready to jump and take advantage of whatever he can to get good players to his new team.

Now you just have to wonder what he thinks of Toffoli as a possibility for the Maple Leafs.

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What Toffoli Brings to the Ice

It could be that Treliving might see Toffoli as a possible fit for his new team’s top-six unit. Here are some of the things that Toffoli brings to the ice when he plays.

What Toffoli Brings One: Offensive Production

Toffoli had an impressive last season with the Flames. He led the team in goals and points. He’s been able to consistently score between 20 and 30 goals each season. That added scoring would provide a boost to Toronto’s top-six forward group.

Tyler Toffoli is being made available for trade via the Calgary Flames
Tyler Toffoli is being made available for trade via the Calgary Flames

What Toffoli Brings Two: Defensive Presence

In addition to his offensive abilities, Toffoli is also a reliable defensive presence on the ice. In that way, he would benefit the Maple Leafs’ overall team game. It’s a positive to have a player who excels at both ends of the ice.

What Toffoli Brings Three: Power Play Option

Toffoli’s skill set makes him a valuable asset as part of the power play. The Maple Leafs could benefit from his scoring ability on – at least – the second power-play unit. Toffoli has a knack for finding open spaces to generate scoring opportunities with the man advantage.

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What Toffoli Brings Four: His Contract Situation

Toffoli has only one year remaining on his contract. That might mean that the Flames would be more motivated to trade him. They’ve already had (as Treliving knows too well) players walk to free agency for no return.

They’d like to avoid losing him for nothing. This situation could potentially work in the Maple Leafs’ favor in terms of the trade negotiations. Toffoli might be had for a prospect. [As an aside, I’m wondering if the Maple Leafs might move William Nylander for him. Nylander was born in Calgary when his dad played there. Stranger things have happened.]

What Toffoli Brings Five: Previous Connection

Treliving’s history with the Flames gives him insight into the organization and its players. If he likes Toffoli, he’d be familiar enough with him to facilitate trade discussions and potentially help in reaching a favorable deal.

The Bottom Line

Although the points above help make a case for Treliving to pursue a trade for Toffoli, there’s an important question that we don’t know the answer to. That’s whether Treliving believes Toffoli is the kind of player he wants on the Maple Leafs’ team.

Before any trade is worked out, it must be evaluated for its potential impact on the team’s overall strategy, roster, and salary-cap implications. All that comes into play with a top-six player like
Toffoli is.

His contract calls for $4.25 million – can the team fit that into its plans?

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  1. afp1961

    June 23, 2023 at 6:34 am

    Jim trading Willi for Toffoli 1v1 is absolutely ridiculous. Now however if you implied as part of a bigger package than I could see something like Hanifan & Toffoli for Willi, (although I would trade Mitch Marner instead)…

  2. Jon Harding

    June 23, 2023 at 8:02 am

    Yes, the Nylander for Taffoli line must be a typo. I would also say Taffoli isn’t good enough and is at an age that negates
    any kind of overpay. He only plays for Toronto if there is a home-town discount. Further, I would also say that Craig Conroy doing any trade with his old boss is a non-starter. Bad optics in Calgary, unless Conroy is really the clueless rookie some quarters are making him out to be.

  3. gcmgome

    June 23, 2023 at 11:05 am

    So the Leafs should think about trading 27 year old 40 goal scorer Nylander, for 31 year old 20+ goal scorer Taffoli straight up? ….I must have read that one wrong.

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