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Seattle Kraken Sign Jared McCann to 5-Yr Extension

Jared McCann reached out to Seattle Kraken fans on Tuesday to let them know he’s signed a five-year extension with the team to remain a part of the Kraken roster. Saying he was “very excited to be here”, he added that he believes in the city and the organization and thanked the fans for being supportive as the Kraken move forward and accomplish bigger things as a team.

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McCann called the new extension, “A lot of pressure off the shoulders” and said now he can focus on playing hockey. “It’s a huge honor to sign that deal,” he added. The extension is worth $5 million per season and it marks the first time in franchise history that a player has re-signed with the Kraken. Seattle did a couple of big deals in the offseason, signing Adam Larsson, Jamie Oleksiak, and Jaden Schwartz to healthy deals, but this is the first time a player already under contract has signed to stay.

As per Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times:

The deal, in the works since before last month’s All-Star Game, covers one restricted-free-agent season and four years of unrestricted free agency for McCann, the team’s leading goal scorer with 21 goals. The website CapFriendly reported the deal is worth $25 million and includes a 10-team no-trade clause for what would have been his unrestricted-free-agency seasons from 2023-2027.

General manager Ron Francis commented on the deal and called it a sign that a lot of the players on this roster are happy with the way the ownership and management treat them. These players are also excited to be a part of what could be coming for the team down the road. “They want to be here as you become more successful,” Francis said.

Is It A Good Deal For Seattle?

Most of the response to the signing is that this is a pretty good deal for both sides. McCann is versatile –he can play both wing and center – and he can offer consistency as he’s been quite reliable over the years.

The downside here is that McCann isn’t exactly a world-beater in terms of production and this is another top-six forward who isn’t a star locked up on a somewhat hefty deal. Can the Kraken actually build a team of a competitive team by going with a plethora of forwards, none of whom sit anywhere near a point per game pace?

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