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Predators Open to Juuse Saros Trade If Right Package Offered

If a team wants to get in on the Jusse Saros trade talk, they need to come to the Nashville Predators with a serious offer.

When asked if the Nashville Predators would actually consider a trade involving goaltender Juuse Saros, TSN’s Pierre LeBrun said yes. Noting he can’t believe he’s actually saying that’s the case in Nashville, talk was always that the Predators wanted to extend the star netminder. But, if the right package is offered, Saros could be on the move.

Juuse Saros Nashville Predators rumors
Juuse Saros Nashville Predators rumors

LeBrun explained:

“Nashville has been steady in saying their only plan is to extend Saros this summer and that remains the number one plan. But, what has changed since the start of the year is the number of teams that are desperate to upgrade their goaltending. Because of that, I’m told that the Predators feel they have no choice but to listen if a team puts in a serious, serious offer.”

LeBrun went on to explain that a serious offer isn’t a couple of first round picks in the low 20s. For example, if the Los Angeles Kings threw in the name of someone like Quinten Byfield, that would get the attention of the Predators. Any organization that wants to get in on Saros would have to come up with a huge name to send the other way.

“It’s something to monitor before March 8,” notes LeBrun.

Teams Will Want Saros If He’s Available

Clearly the best possible goaltending option if the Predators are really willing to trade him, Saros would be a gamechanger for teams that need a goalie. He’s got one more season on his contract at $5 million, so he’s not a rental. And, if a team is going to give up a huge asset to acquire him, the likelihood is that they’re thinking about extending him. That would mean said team would have to allocate the funds to give him an extension at a higher rate than he’s currently making.

That won’t stop teams from kicking tires.

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1 Comment

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