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Insider On Real Reason Canucks and Pettersson Talks Delayed

Frank Seravalli revealed what he believed was the real reason Elias Pettersson hasn’t signed an extension with the Canucks yet.

Elias Pettersson, the rising star of the Vancouver Canucks, is gearing up for another season in the NHL, and the anticipation among fans is palpable. After a stellar year that saw him achieve career-high numbers and become only the sixth Canuck to record a 100-point season, Pettersson’s return to the ice is highly anticipated. However, his contract status has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the upcoming season.

Will he get signed? When will he be extended? Does it matter if the Canucks are any good? Or, is this just about money?

Elias Pettersson Canucks trade talk

Pettersson, essentially brushing off talks about his contract status after already fielding questions with Elliotte Friedman in an exclusive interview, seemed frustrated with more questions about his situation. Eventually, he moved on to talking about the season and said, “I feel good. I had a good summer of training. I’m excited to be back.” Yet, as the season draws closer, the absence of a contract extension remains a critical issue for both the player and the team.

Frank Seravalli, a noted NHL insider, weighed in on the situation during the Sekeres and Price podcast, shedding light on Pettersson’s stance. According to Seravalli, the reason behind the contract delay lies in Pettersson’s belief that he is a consistent 102-110 point player annually and his corresponding desire for a substantial contract that reflects his prowess. He emphasizes that Pettersson is not as interested in a “wait and see” as has been previously reported. Instead, it’s less about the team’s performance and more about being resolute in his pursuit of a lucrative deal.

Despite the contract standoff, Seravalli remains confident that Pettersson will stay in Vancouver, emphasizing the Canucks’ commitment to retaining a talent of his caliber. He believes that the team would consider reshuffling the roster around Pettersson rather than allowing him to leave, especially if they are not in contention for the playoffs this season.

What Happens if the Canucks Are Terrible?

Seravalli then brought up the notion that the Canucks would rather sell of big surrounding pieces that move Pettersson. He wondered how that might affect the trade value of a player like J.T. Miller, as the team may explore trade options to maximize his value but may have missed the golden opportunity to move him when he was a hot commodity. The situation adds an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming season, as the Canucks grapple with the challenge of securing Pettersson’s future while striving for on-ice success.

As fans eagerly await the puck drop on the new season, the Elias Pettersson contract saga remains a pivotal storyline to watch, with implications that extend beyond the ice into the heart of Vancouver’s hockey community.

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