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Oilers to Consider Moving Down Top Prospect For Cap Space

The Edmonton Oilers need to clear money to make a big trade deadline move. That could include moving down Dylan Holloway to find cap space.

As the 2024 NHL trade deadline looms, the Edmonton Oilers face the challenge of navigating their limited cap space under the leadership of Ken Holland. A recent report by Elliotte Friedman noted that the GM is trying to dump a contract to make bigger moves, but that won’t be the only play he makes. Finding roster space for any bigger acquisition might involve moving a top prospect down to the minors. Dylan Holloway going to the Bakersfield Condors for the remainder of the season is the first thought that comes to mind.

Holloway’s previous stint with the Condors saw him excel, notching impressive stats in just four games. So far, he’s not done much in Edmonton. While his future is bright and the Oilers don’t want to move him as part of any trade, there simply may not be space for him on this season’s roster. That is, not if Edmonton goes out and lands a big trade deadline fish.

Dylan Holloway could be moving down for Edmonton Oilers cap space reasons

Despite possessing the skills to thrive in the NHL, Holloway’s limited ice time in Edmonton alongside Derek Ryan and Connor Brown raises questions about his optimal development. So far, he’s not been the solution the Oilers were hoping he’d be. With 49 games played in Bakersfield, where he scored 17 goals and accumulated 36 points, the AHL could be the ideal environment for the young talent. He could further hone his skills alongside other promising prospects. Moving him down isn’t risky either, since he doesn’t need to clear waivers.

Moving Dylan Holloway Down in a Series of Transactions is the Smart Cap Space Play

The move provides the Oilers with an additional $925k in cap space. That money could be used, in conjunction with another trade to send out cap space. From there, the Oilers take a big trade deadline swing. If Edmonton can land a top-six winger, finding a suitable player for the fourth-line left-wing role shouldn’t pose a significant challenge. Those players will be available and with retained salary, for likely less than the league minimum.

There is no harm in telling Holloway he’s going down to play big minutes and the Oilers finding a temporary upgrade. Allowing Holloway to thrive in the AHL could be a strategic move for long-term success. It also keeps him in the system for when he is ready to take a jump next season.

Who Will the Oilers Swing For at the Deadline?

In terms of potential trade targets, the Oilers might set their sights on Pavel Buchnevich of the St. Louis Blues. If they can, they would get the Blues to retain salary and secure the winger at a cap hit not exceeding $3.2 million. He’s got one more season left on his deal. That means the Oilers should and would be willing to move their first-rounder for him.

If the Oilers move a bit of salary in the deal, the Blues retain, and Edmonton demotes Holloway, there should be room to make that trade.

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