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NHL Trade Talk Podcast: Ep. 22 – Tarasenko Traded to Rangers

Vladimir Tarasenko was traded to the New York Rangers in a NHL trade on Thursday. We talk all about it in episode 22 of the podcast.

During this episode of the podcast, Brooke and Jim dissect the Vladimir Tarasenko trade that sends the offensive winger and defenseman Niko Mikkola to the Rangers in exchange for a conditional 2023 1st-round pick, a conditional 2024 4th-round pick, prospect Hunter Skinner, and Sammy Blais. The Blues retain 50 percent of Tarasenko’s salary in the move.

For the Rangers, this means no Patrick Kane or Timo Meier and they’re going to start making their playoff push now. Are the Blues officially sellers? Are the Rangers done now that they’re so close to the salary cap?

Also, we discuss the Bo Horvat extension with the New York Islanders, Jack Hughes’ injury in New Jersey,, what’s going on with Patrick Kane, the goaltending in Toronto, Bruce Boudreau’s signing with the NHL Network, and more.



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