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Timo Meier Could Be Next Big Name Traded Before the Deadline

Timo Meier could be the next big name to be moved ahead of the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline. What’s the hold up and who is interested?

According to Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, Timo Meier could be the player to put money on if you’re hankering to wager on who might be the next big name to be traded ahead of this season’s NHL Trade Deadline. With Bo Horvat and Vladimir Tarasenko having been moved and Patrick Kane still not ready to decide his future, Meier is a player many teams will target.

LeBrun writes: “There’s enough serious interest in Timo Meier that it’s possible this also isn’t a trade that waits until March 3, based on the current level of conversations between suitors and the Sharks (by the way, I don’t believe the Rangers were ever that involved here).” LeBrun suggests it doesn’t make sense to hold off until March 3rd, especially given the giant $10 million qualifying offer due to Meier and the fact that most teams that are looking at him seriously will be doing so with the intention to potentially sign him to a long-term deal.

Timo Meier Devils and Hurricanes trade rumors
Timo Meier Devils and Hurricanes trade rumors

Teams won’t want to have to try and figure out if Meier will be interested in sticking around should they be forced to give over a massive group of assets to the Sharks in any deal. And, as LeBrun points out, that could bring the Sharks to finally allowing Meier to talk with other teams about an extension ahead of any trade (something they’ve yet to grant permission for).

It makes the most sense for Meier to have an opportunity to work out the terms of a new deal so that the team interested gives up the most assets in a trade. San Jose has to come out looking good in this deal and maximizing the potential return by allowing the two sides to talk makes the most sense. Once that happens, trade talk will certainly pick up and a deal could come together quickly.

The Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils are said to be the two teams with the most interest here.

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