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NHL Trade Talk and Fanatics Card Shop Form Exciting New Partnership

NHL Trade Talk is teaming up with Fanatics Card Shop and offering exclusive news, content and giveaways for collectors!

When it comes to talking about trades, we’d be crazy to believe that the discussion limits us to talking about just player-for-player swaps, prospect moves or future-consideration deals. No, NHL Trade Talk is not just limited to dissecting the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline. Our site is constantly looking for ways to expand, grow and offer informative and fun content for our visitors.

Honestly, there’s an entirely separate market out there where “trading” is what collectors have been doing for years. It’s the sports card industry and it has once again exploded! Trading cards are hotter than ever and with that in mind, NHL Trade Talk is excited to announce a new and mutually beneficial partnership.

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NHL Trade Talk and Fanatics Card Shop Have Teamed Up

When it comes to hockey cards (and sports cards in general), a section of our NHL Trade Talk site will be dedicated to the sports card industry. We will be featuring news, updates, insider discussion, videos, the promotion of live events and more, starting almost immediately. From series release news to specific cards and players to watch for, if you’re into the collectibles business, NHL Trade Talk and Fanatics Card Shop is going to start offering must-read articles and must-watch reports that will give you the inside scoop over other collectors.

“I’m really excited about the potential of this partnership and I’m so motivated by your passion for what you do,” said Ryan Donovan of Fanatics. He added, “We’re passionate here too about the sports cards and collectibles industry and we see this is a great fit going forward.”

The partnership will also spark new and creative ideas for the card shop located out of Comox, BC. The store has already introduced a new Bid Board in their shop and owner Kyle Leger is excited to do a lot more business online, while offering online exclusives for his regular clientele.

What Will NHL Trade Talk and Fanatics Card Shop Partnership Offer?

Sports cards fans will be able to access articles about upcoming releases, must-know details about the newest trends and there might even be a few giveaways!

Fanatics Sports Cards
Fanatics Sports Cards has teamed up with NHL Trade Talk

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to purchase products from our NHL Trade Talk site and Fanatics Card Shop will ship orders directly to you! We’ll have a few exclusives and you’ll be able to join us on video as we talk sets, open packs and give our social media followers even more reason to stay tuned each and every day.

This new feature, we believe, will set us apart from other “hockey news” and discussion sites and we know Fanatics Card Shop is pumped to offer something no other cards and collectibles store is offering its customers.

Get excited everyone! Some big news comes as early as this Friday…

Want To Visit the Card Shop In Person?

If you’re local to Vancouver Island area, Kyle would love to have you stop by. Their new store is located at 542 Comox Rd in Courtenay, BC. Or, you can email him directly at [email protected]

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