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McDavid Has Warning for NHL Teams Coming Out of All-Star Week

Heading into the All-Star break, McDavid said his game had another level to reach. With the break is over, the rest of the NHL was warned.

Just ahead of the NHL All-Star break, the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid were winners of 16 games in a row. Considering their run, it wasn’t a great time for a team as hot as Edmonton to stop playing. As such, with something to prove, expect the Oilers to come out of the pause with fire. And, perhaps McDavid provided a subtle warning for everyone before the league hit pause.

Having called up Dylan Holloway from the AHL to rejoin the team, they were at practice again Sunday, ready to go Tuesday night against the Vegas Golden Knights.

McDavid won dominated the All-Star Skills Competition, showcasing why he’s still the game’s best player. He and Leon Draisaitl made the final two in the All-Star Game but lost out to a Maple Leafs-heavy roster in Toronto. It was all fun and games and McDavid is $1 million richer. With a successful showcase out of the way, the focus has now shifted back to the team and the message McDavid delivered before the break.

As per an article by Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, McDavid said, “It’s not one of those years where everyone’s going to be writing about all these big numbers and stuff like that. But, we’ve been there and done that,” He added, “That being said, I think my game has another level to get to and I know that that would help the team as well. So… It’s evolving.”

Why Other Teams Should Worry About McDavid’s Message

What exactly is McDavid saying? Reading between the lines of the messaging from a player who understands it takes more than just scoring goals to win, it sounds like McDavid feels his team is comfortable in their new system. Now that everyone has bought in, it’s time to maintain the status quo, but also transition from defense to offense.

He has taken a bit of a back seat to focus on an overall team game. Understanding and helping the rest of the roster embrace the new coach’s messaging, his focus was as much on defense as it was on offense. Now that the Oilers have figured out the defense, it sounds like McDavid plans to turn up the volume on his offense again. Right after he said it, he had four points in a 4-1 win over Nashville.

A frustrated Connor McDavid Oilers

If McDavid has decided to kick things back into another gear, that means trouble for the rest of the NHL. His words going into the break and his play during All-Star week should be a warning sign for everyone else.

He might not care about individual accolades if the team is winning. The goal is to make the playoffs, go deep into the post-season, and eventually win it all. But, if the Oilers want to continue their streak and pick up a big win over a quality opponent in Vegas, they’ll need and want that “McDavid magic.” It sounds like he’s ready to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

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