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Matthews & Keefe Weigh In on Maple Leafs Losing Muzzin

The Toronto Maple Leafs just learned that Jake Muzzin would be gone for the season. What does that mean for the team?

Despite the unfortunate news that Jake Muzzin will be out for the rest of the season, his presence and leadership are still valued by the Maple Leafs’ team. Auston Matthews and Sheldon Keefe both spoke about Muzzin’s character, experience, and accountability. They highlight how he has been a big part of the team’s success. 

They also praised Muzzin for continuing to travel with the team. He’s been present daily at the rink despite his injury. Keefe emphasized that Muzzin’s perspective as a non-uniformed member of the team is still valuable. Muzzin remains an integral part of the team’s leadership group. Overall, the Maple Leafs are grateful to have Muzzin’s support and leadership, even in his absence from game action.

Matthews Appreciates Muzzin Holding His Teammates Accountable

Matthews also recognizes the unique skills and qualities that Jake Muzzin brings to the Maple Leafs’ team, including his leadership, experience, and accountability. It is unfortunate Muzzin won’t be able to play for the rest of the season. However, Matthews highlights the positive impact that Muzzin’s presence has on the team. 

Jake Muzzin Maple Leafs done for season
Jake Muzzin of the Maple Leafs is done for the season.

Matthews notes that Muzzin has been around the rink a lot. He has also traveled with the team, which has been nice for the other players. Matthews emphasizes that Muzzin is still a big part of the team and that the other players have great respect for him. Clearly, Muzzin’s leadership and influence are still valued by the Maple Leafs, despite his absence on the ice.

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Keefe Just Loves Having Muzzin Around

Sheldon Keefe expresses his admiration for Muzzin’s character and commitment to the team despite his injury. Keefe notes that the team had hoped for a positive outcome for Muzzin’s recovery, but it was unlikely given the severity of the injury. Nonetheless, Muzzin has been a constant presence around the team. He has attended practices and traveled with the team on road trips.

Keefe also praises Muzzin’s determination and work ethic. He notes that he’s seen him consistently working out in the gym and doing everything he can to stay involved with the team.

Sheldon Keefe Toronto Maple Leafs NHL
Sheldon Keefe Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

Keefe also highlights the value that Muzzin brings to the team beyond his on-ice performance. He notes that Muzzin’s leadership and perspective are still important to the team. Muzzin is valued because he has created strong bonds with his teammates.

Despite not being able to play, Muzzin is still an integral part of the team’s leadership group, and the team will continue to rely on his contributions in that area.


Even Not Playing Muzzin Is Making an Impact

In closing, Keefe emphasizes that Muzzin’s desire to win is as strong as ever. In fact, he continues to do everything he can to help the team, even if he can’t be in uniform. It’s clear that Muzzin’s presence and contributions are still highly valued by the Maple Leafs, even as they face the challenge of moving forward without him on the ice.

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