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Can Maple Leafs Springboard to Success Off Campbell’s Goalie Record?

Jack Campbell just set a record for Maple Leafs’ goalies with his 10th straight win. Will the team leverage that to go on to success?

After Wednesday’s record-setting game when Toronto Maple Leafs’ goalie Jack Campbell set a franchise record for consecutive wins, Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston and Shawn McKenzie took a look at the impact that Campbell’s record-setting win could have on the Toronto squad. As well, they speculated about how good a playoff match between the Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens might be.

Jack Campbell Sets a Record for the Maple Leafs’ Franchise

As you can hear on the video, Wednesday’s game was not only a win for the Maple Leafs but it was a record-setting night for Campbell. McKenzie commented to Johnston that Campbell’s teammates “talk so much about Jack Campbell the goalie as well as Jack Campbell the person.”

McKenzie noted that Campbell “was emotional after this win (and) his teammates raved about him.” Campbell “is the guy that everyone seems to want to succeed.”

Johnston responded that “This was the first time I would say that we’ve started to see what this (success as a starter with the Maple Leafs) means to him.”

Johnston added that “Obviously, he (Campbell) is upbeat during his interviews and deflects a lot of the questions and the praise to his teammates.” However, Johnston thought that, during the postgame interview with McKenzie, “we got a window into what a struggle (it was) at times during his career.”

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Campbell Has Had a Tough Journey to Where He Now Is

Johnston went on to remark that Campbell “was a first overall first round draft pick … and this (success as a starting goalie) was supposed to happen for him but 10-12 years ago – at least in his mind.”

Johnston added that “It’s taken him a journey to get to this point and clearly he’s grabbed the reins here of the number one job.” Johnston also added that, even without fans “you could feel the emotion in the building tonight … that was sort of a special moment.”

Can the Maple Leafs Use This Record to Move Forward?

Finally, Johnston added that he thought this record-setting game might become “a bit of a springboard for this Leafs’ team.” His reason for saying that is because Campbell is “just loved by his teammates, he’s having a lot of personal success, and everybody’s sharing in that.”

The bottom line is that championship teams have chemistry and Campbell seems to both bring it and be a catalyst for it with the rest of his teammates.

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