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To Maple Leafs’ Matthews Campbell’s Santa Claus: Brings Joy to Everyone

After the game when Maple Leafs Auston Matthews was speaking about Jack Campbell, what did he say about the record-setting goalie?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs’ star center Auston Matthews didn’t actually use the comparison to Santa Claus to describe his goalie teammate Jack Campbell, but it works pretty well if you think about it.

First, as Matthews did note a number of times in a post-game interview after Campbell set the franchise record for 10 straight wins to start the season, he brings joy to everyone – especially in the Maple Leafs’ locker room. Second, Campbell has also been delivering gifts all season long. In fact, by posting his 10-0 record, he hasn’t left a single stocking empty.

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Matthews Is Simply Happy for Campbell, Says Campbell Deserves It

In the video below, Matthews talks about what Campbell brings to the Maple Leafs after his record-setting win against the Canadiens.

Why Matthews Is Happy Over and Over Again for Campbell

As Matthews notes, “I’m just so happy for him … he’s such an amazing person” and he “brings a lot of joy to everybody’s lives in the lock room.”

Matthews, who kept repeating himself about Campbell, noted again, “I mean I just couldn’t be happier for him. He played unbelievable again tonight; he’s been unbelievable all season.”

Jack Campbell, Maple Leafs’ Record Holder

Then, in the same vein, Matthews added that “he’s (Campbell) just he’s just such a special person and like I said I mean we’re all just so happy for him.”

Matthews Goes into Specifics About Campbell’s Value

When he was asked about Campbell’s win and its importance to the team as they worked to hang onto first place in the North Division, Matthews clearly laid out how Campbell’s work – especially during the second period – helped spell success for the team. The Canadiens were a strong team: they came hard: Campbell held the Maple Leafs in the game.

Matthews admitted that, during the second period, “we really couldn’t really find our game in there and you know they (the Canadiens) definitely controlled the play and had a lot of momentum.”

Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs
Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs

Matthews added that the Canadiens were making a lot of good plays and directing shots at the net but that Campbell (or Soupy as he’s called) “came up big and made some huge saves” and “kept the game at what it was.”

Matthews admitted that the Maple Leafs didn’t play very good hockey but that – thanks to Campbell – the team held in there and brought home a victory.

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