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Kyle Dubas Spotted With Crosby As Penguins GM Job Offer Looms

Kyle Dubas met with members of the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday and Wednesday, including a long chat with Sidney Crosby.

If the buzz around the NHL wasn’t already at a full-time fever pitch, it’s going to be now. Reports are surfacing that former Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas reportedly met with some members of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization at the Penguins’ practice facility on Wednesday, among them, NHL Superstar and team captain Sidney Crosby.

The latest report out of Pittsburgh is that the Penguins’ process for finding and hiring a new GM is on hold because the team stopped everything dead in its tracks when Dubas potentially became available. In a presser suggesting he wouldn’t pop up with another team down the road, it seemed like the Penguins might need to look at other options, but Brendan Shanahan’s steamrolling of Dubas in a media scrum talking about why the Maple Leafs moved on might have changed Dubas’ position on future employment. The Penguins requested and were granted permission to interview Dubas and he rocketed straight to the top of their priority list. That he’s being seen talking to important decision-makers only adds to the speculation.

Kyle Dubas Sidney Crosby Penguins
Kyle Dubas Sidney Crosby Penguins

Confidence was high going into yesterday that Kyle Dubas was a top priority for the Penguins, both when it came to the vacant GM job, and potentially the President of Hockey Operations roles. If he’s talking with Sidney Crosby, the assumption will be that he’s getting Crosby’s take on the team, his desire to keep playing, his vision, and more. These are all things Dubas would probably want to know before accepting any position.

According to Taylor Haase of DK Pittsburgh Sports, Dubas was at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex to meet with some members of the team in a session that extended well into Tuesday night. It is believed Crosby met with Dubas, along with several members of the Penguins’ public relations staff.

Where this will go is unclear, but things appear to be moving quickly.

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