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Kraken Not Opposed to Trading Captain Mark Giordano

Ron Francis was asked about the future of defenseman Mark Giordano and certainly didn’t rule out the possibility of a trade.

It won’t come as a huge surprise considering there was talk the second Mark Giordano was selected by the Seattle Kraken that his stay with the club might be short term, but Kraken general manager has already confirmed that NHL’s newest franchise is aware they may need to make a decision when it comes to a Giordano trade this season.

Speaking with Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, Francis was asked about the team, their start, and what the future would bring this season. When asked specifically about the Giordano situation, Francis responded, “I think that’s a decision we make a little bit down the road here.”

Giordano was named the team’s first-ever captain. He was selected as part of the NHL Expansion Draft when the Calgary Flames could find a way to protect him. Still, the Kraken knew Giordano could wind up back with the Flames next season as the defenseman is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Seattle Kraken Mark Giordano captain
Seattle Kraken Mark Giordano captain

Francis also knows the organization is going to build slowly instead of trying to sign big-ticket free agents and compete immediately. That means the older Giordano might not be part of their long-term plans. The Kraken have talked about the value of salary cap space in today’s NHL marketplace and while Giordano will see a deduction on his current salary next year, the Kraken may not want to heavily invest in him as they stockpiled a ton of defensemen during the draft as well as signed Adam Larsson and Jamie Oleksiak in free agency.

Kraken Still Figuring Out What Kind of Team They Are

LeBrun quotes Francis when he writes, “Right now we’re still trying to figure out what we have, and who works well with who, try to mesh it all together.” As for where Giordano fits into all of that, Francis admits that the veteran blueliners is a terrific pro and his experience is valued. Francis called Giordano a “great leader for us and the organization, representing us not only on the ice but in the community as well.”

Does that mean he’s staying put after this season? Not necessarily. “We’ll see where things go moving forward with the franchise overall,” Francis remarked.

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