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Former Flyer Denies Accusations of Corrupting Cutter Gauthier

One theory suggests that former Philadelphia Flyer, Kevin Hayes might have gotten in Cutter Gauthier’s ear and soured him on the Flyers.

The Philadelphia Flyers made an unusual blockbuster trade on Monday night, sending Cutter Gauthier to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Jamie Drysdale. The perplexing aspect of the trade is Gauthier’s sudden refusal to sign with the Flyers, despite expressing his desire to join the organization at the draft. Speculations abound regarding the reasons behind this decision, especially considering the Flyers’ competitive resurgence this season and their storied legacy. One theory suggests a former Flyer might have gotten in Gauthier’s ear.

General Manager Daniel Briere remains in the dark about Gauthier’s change of heart. That said, rumors suggest that former Flyers forward Kevin Hayes might be involved. The Flyers’ online fanbase has erupted with conspiracy theories after veteran Flyers reporter Anthony SanFilippo said “Hayes’ fingerprints are all over this.” The suggestion was that Hayes influenced Gauthier negatively — something that was theoretically possible as Gauthier himself acknowledged a close relationship with Hayes. The prospect had said in previous interviews that he had frequent phone conversations and texts with Hayes after being drafted by the Flyers.

A theory accusses Kevin Hayes of souring Cutter Gauthier on the Flyers organization

Hayes’ own tumultuous history with the Flyers, marked by inconsistency and clashes with coaching staff, adds fuel to the speculation. Traded to the St. Louis Blues in the past offseason after four years with the Flyers, Hayes continues to be a source of controversy. This situation won’t help. Reports suggest he might be negatively influencing the franchise’s future outlook from afar. He denies having any involvement.

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Did Hayes Have Anything to Do With Gauthier’s Change of Opinion About the Flyers?

Longtime Flyers reporter Anthony SanFilippo has gone so far as to claim that Hayes’ “fingerprints are all over this.” In response, Hayes vehemently denied the accusation, dismissing SanFilippo as a “complete clown”. He then asserted that those connecting him to the situation lack intelligence, according to his friend and Spittin’ Chiclets host, Ryan Whitney.

Whitney tweeted, “I just talked to Hayzie asking his opinion on this guy saying he was behind Cutter Gauthier requesting a trade. He started laughing and said “whoever that is is a complete clown and anyone who thinks I had anything to do with this doesn’t have a brain”” Clearly, Hayes is denying saying anything to Gauthier that would have soured him on the Flyers franchise.

Further to this, Hayes spoke with St. Louis Today and noted of the rumors:

“It’s completely false. One-hundred percent false. I don’t know where he got that information from. I took that kid golfing once. The coach at BC asked me to take him golfing just to chat with him. He played nine holes and he went home. I sent him a text after he won World Juniors saying, ‘Congrats.’ I told him if he ever had any issues or problems, when I was with Philly, I felt like I was doing Philly a good service by helping out their fifth overall pick. Never once said a negative thing about Torts. Never once said a negative thing about the organization. I reached out to Danny B last night, told him exactly what I’m telling you.”

Until Gauthier speaks on this — which he might never do — fans will have to wonder what got into Gauthier’s head. Why, all of a sudden, did he sour on playing for the Flyers? Was it the GM? The coach? The city? The prospect of him playing, or simply a preference to play somewhere else?

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