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Flyers Take Aim at Gauthier For Dissing Team, Forcing Trade

The Philadelphia Flyers are upset with the way Cutter Gauthier handled his exit, and many in the Flyers organization have taken aim at him.

Following Monday’s big trade that saw the Philadelphia Flyers trade Cutter Gauthier to the Anaheim Ducks for Jamie Drysdale, the Flyers aren’t holding back their feelings about Gauthier. A prospect that people believe has an immensely high ceiling will now to try reach that potential in Anaheim, simply because he “changed his mind” about being a Flyer.

A number of decision-makers in the Flyers organization have spoken publicly about how this all went down. GM Daniel Briere spoke, as did President Keith Jones. Even chairman and chief executive officer of Comcast Spectacor and Governor of the Philadelphia Flyers Dan Hilferty didn’t hide his feelings.

All were frustrated with Gauthier and it doesn’t sound this will be forgotten anytime soon. Only head coach John Tortorella had a different opinion, saying he didn’t care because he didn’t know Gauthier from a hole in the ground. His preference was to talk about the player coming in, someone he’s extremely excited to have.

Still, Gauthier’s alleged reluctance to be part of the team isn’t sitting well with everyone else.

What Did Everyone Have to Say About Gauthier’s Approach to Being Traded?

Hilferty, a prominent voice within the organization, pulled no punches in stating, “I don’t feel bad for Cutter when he comes to Philadelphia. It’s gonna be a rough ride here, and he earned it. We’re Philadelphians, and we want people who want to be here with us.”

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Keith Jones disclosed the organization’s decision to trade Gauthier at the peak of his value, citing difficulties in meeting with the player during the World Juniors. Jones gave props to other GMs for not letting the fact the Flyers were looking for a trade partner leak. That allowed them to maximize the return in a tough situation. Had it gotten out that Gauthier’s preference was not to play for the team, the Flyers could have run into a problem.

During an intermission live segment, Scott Hartnell and Al Morganti delved into Gauthier’s situation. Hartnell criticized the young player, highlighting that Gauthier, who hasn’t played an NHL game yet, seemed to have a misguided perception of his standing in the league. Morganti pointed out the disconnect between Gauthier and respected figures like Keith Jones and Danny Briere, emphasizing that not engaging with them raised serious concerns.

Briere noted that Gauthier initially conveyed a strong desire to be a Flyer but later backtracked on that commitment. Everyone seemed consistent in their messaging that if a player doesn’t want to be a Flyer, then they won’t be.

It’s Rare That a Team Is This Vocal About a Player After Trading Them

This unprecedented public condemnation by the Flyers has raised eyebrows, with observers noting the organization’s uncharacteristic “f— you” stance towards Gauthier immediately after the trade. Typically the focus is on the player coming in. And, while Drysdale is going to be a beloved player in Philadelphia, it’s clear the Flyers were miffed about the way Gauthier handled this. It’s something they won’t soon forget.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts on Gauthier’s career moving forward. If he doesn’t become the player everyone thinks he’ll be in Anaheim, it could be a bumpy road.

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