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Jets Could Be Contemplating Mark Scheifele Trade

Would the Winnipeg Jets really consider moving Mark Scheifele if the team decides it needs to shake things up a bit?

There’s some talk surrounding the Winnipeg Jets that a change is required. 5-4-1 in their last 10 games, the Jets have won two in a row but sit outside the playoff picture and there’s concern this roster, as constructed, isn’t going to take the Jets where they want to go. If there is talk to shake things up, one of the names in the forefront of those talks will be Mark Scheifele.

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Murat Ates of The Athletic was asked about rumors Scheifele could be playing his final season with the Jets. Still under contract for two more seasons after this one, could the Jets actually trade Scheifele if the team misses the playoffs? Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff threw out that suggestion and Ates doesn’t necessarily buy into a trade being a forgone conclusion, but does think it’s possible.

Mark Scheifele Winnipeg Jets Upper Deck
Mark Scheifele Winnipeg Jets Upper Deck

Noting that Scheifele often outplays his $6.125 million AAV contract, the 29-year-old does have some defensive deficiencies. He writes, “This means that a major decision about Scheifele’s future must take place relatively soon — if not at this trade deadline or during the offseason then by the end of next year.” He adds, “To lose him for nothing in July 2024 would be a worst-case scenario only rivaled by giving him massive money on a long-term deal that goes well into his 30s at that same time.”

Ates adds that part of the reason Scheifele’s name is coming up is that the Jets are worried about what this version of the team can do and they are formulating a plan to get better. That means making some tough decisions on active roster members and the team needs to decide if they take one more run with Scheifele and Pierre-Luc Dubois as their one-two punch down the middle or if they try another duo.

Jets Would Need Another Center

If Scheifele is moved, the Jets would need to get another center back. They have the goaltender and they have the building blocks on defense. They need to be dangerous at center and moving Scheifele would make them incredibly weak if they didn’t get another center to replace him.

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