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Insider “Bets Mansion” That Giroux Gets Traded by Flyers

With the Philadelphia Flyers now likely out of the playoff scene in the Eastern Conference, insiders are betting that Claude Giroux is traded.

If you want to hammer home the fact that you think someone is going to get traded, just bet someone else’s house on it. That’s what Elliotte Friedman did during The Jeff Marek show this week when talking about the odds that forward Claude Giroux would be traded by the Philadelphia Flyers this season.

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The rumor mill has been keeping a close eye on the Flyers and Giroux situation, simply because of how much the Flyers have struggled over the past two seasons and the fact that Giroux is a pending UFA this summer. He’s finishing up an $8.275 million per season contract and reports have always been that a trade could come closer to the deadline if the Flyers are out of the running, which it now looks like they are.

During a segment on The Jeff Marek Show, after Marek talked about how well the Pittsburgh Penguins were playing, he called the Flyers “Julius Caesar dead” Friedman noted that there are a number of teams that are likely in when it comes to the Eastern Conference playoff picture so unfortunately, the Flyers are likely out of it. It doesn’t look like there will be a ton of playoff races in the east.

Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers UD
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers UD

Friedman added, “I think Giroux — if I was to bet your mansion on it, Jeff — I would bet that Giroux gets traded. I just think they have to figure out between him and them where it’s gonna go.” He also said, “I can see a situation where they say to him ‘OK, why don’t you go chase a Cup this year and we’ll figure it all out.’ I’m sure there’s going to be interest, because I think the guy has played pretty well, so I just think it’s a matter of where they decide that that’s going to be.”

There Will Be Teams Interested if the Flyers Play Ball

Another NHL insider offered up some information based on what he’s heard. David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period said that his sources note the Flyers haven’t really had conversations with Giroux about his future that Giroux might have some interest in exploring his options.

He’s got a full no-move and noted that if the Flyers are willing to retain upwards of 50% of his salary, there will be a lot of teams willing to explore the option of adding Giroux at a $4.1 million price point.

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