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Grading Trades: Flyers Dump Gauthier to the Ducks

Looking back at the Philadelphia Flyers trade that sent Cutter Gauthier to the Ducks, what grade should each team get?

Welcome back to a new series at NHL Trade Talk called “Grading Trades.” This series will look at past trades in the last 10–20 years and provide an overall grade for all teams involved. The next trade I will be grading is one of the most recent in the NHL and one that shocked the entire hockey world. The Philadelphia Flyers sent one of their top prospects, Cutter Gauthier, to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Jamie Drysdale. It was a shocking trade and while it’s too early to tell who won it, the early grades are in.

The Full Trade Details:

Philadelphia Flyers Receive: Jamie Drysdale & 2025 2nd round pick (ANA)

Anaheim Ducks Receive: Cutter Gauthier

** Editor’s Note: In using the term “dump”, this isn’t to suggest the Flyers didn’t want Gauthier. Essentially, the two sides dumped each other. Gauthier dissed the Flyers first, then the Flyers got rid of a player who didn’t want to be there.

Trade Grades:

Philadelphia Flyers: A

Overall, the Flyers pulled off a very nice trade with the Ducks but the reason behind the trade was shocking to many around the NHL. Gauthier reportedly expressed his reluctance to sign with the Flyers, despite being drafted by them just a year earlier. There is a ton of speculation as to why he didn’t want to. All we know is that he had originally told the team he was in, then changed his mind and had no interest in signing due to a personal matter. He declined to speak with the team and team representative numerous times throughout the past two seasons.

Jamie Drysdale Cutter Gauthier trade Flyers Ducks

It all came to a head after Gauthier won the World Junior Championship with Team USA. During that time, he refused to talk to the team while in Sweden. As a result, the Flyers’ organization worked hard to find a trade partner. After weeks of trying, they were able to find taker. The Ducks were open to acquiring him and, shockingly, were open to moving Drysdale to make the deal work.

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While the Ducks have an impressive pipeline, Drysdale was one of, if not the best, defensemen on the roster. He goes to the Flyers, where he can just play hockey and not have to worry about being the best. Drysdale can be the offensive presence on the team, alongside Travis Sanheim. The bonus is that the team is doing well this season. The Flyers are in a playoff spot, and if they stay in that spot, Drysdale will get to experience his first NHL postseason.

Drysdale is only 21 years old and hasn’t reached his full potential. Unfortunately, he has battled injuries early in his career, limiting the number of NHL games played. The Flyers will most likely work with him to attempt to keep him as healthy as they can. All in all, Philadelphia received a very good young defenseman, who has a ton of upside. Yes, they gave up a future first-line player, but those who don’t want to be a part of the Flyers organization won’t be.

Anaheim Ducks: A

Although the Ducks did trade one of their best defensemen they also acquired a very talented player. The Ducks aren’t anywhere close to competing yet, which is why this trade makes sense. Throughout the organization, they have so many good defensive prospects, some of them should join the NHL club next season. This means the Drysdale replacement should be on the team in short order, and as the team has more talent.

Cutter Gauthier Flyers rumor

With that said, acquiring Gauthier is a very smart move by GM Pat Verbeek. With a strong mix of forwards in Trevor Zegras, Mason McTavish, and Troy Terry, when you add Gauthier to that, they will have a deadly offence in just a few years. Plus, they will also have their top 10 first-round pick from this season to add to it.

Gauthier should be a first-line talent in the NHL. He is supposed to be very good, which will help the Ducks build their offensive powerhouse. This trade may be questioned because they traded Drysdale; however, if you break it down, they just added to their future in a big way while moving out a player that could eventually price himself out of town.

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