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Carter Hart Talks Truth to Rumors He Was to Be Traded by Flyers

Carter Hart spoke with Philadelphia Flyers media and offered insights as to the truth behind rumors he wanted to be traded.

Carter Hart, a veteran, but still relatively young goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, recently sat down with members of the Flyers’ media to discuss a variety of topics, shedding light on his off-season, future with the team, and the trade rumors that swirled around him during the summer.

Hart, who is entering a contract year, remains unfazed by the off-season trade chatter, emphasizing that it’s just another season for him to grow and develop as a player. He also expressed his confidence in remaining a Flyer for the foreseeable future, citing his positive relationship with General Manager Danny Briere, whom he described as a “good man” and a “good GM.”

The trade rumors stemmed from both uncertainty surrounding the Hockey Canada investigations and perceived discrepancies between Hart’s career timeline and the Flyers’ ongoing rebuilding efforts. However, despite the trade speculation, no deal materialized, leaving Hart in Philadelphia for the upcoming season. Hart said he hadn’t thought much about his contract year and loves it in Philadelphia. He noted, “I’m pretty confident I’m going to be a Flyer. I’m happy to be here, I love playing for this city the organization. I’m happy to be here.”

They were interesting comments considering speculation ran wild when Hart decided to go private on Instagram and remove the Flyers from his bio, a move that often raises questions about a player’s future with their team. While numerous theories and speculations emerged regarding this change, including his alleged involvement in the Hockey Canada scandal from 2018, nothing has been confirmed, and the investigation’s findings remain undisclosed.

Hart’s focus, however, remains firmly on the ice and his commitment to the Flyers. When asked about the new head coach, John Tortorella, Hart praised his honesty and demanding approach, noting that it’s precisely what players seek in a coach.

Hart Up For Being Part of the Rebuild

The Flyers have embarked on a rebuilding journey, parting ways with some familiar faces. Despite the changes, Hart believes the organization is headed in the right direction and remains optimistic about the team’s future. He’s even taken goalie prospect Carson Bjarnason under his wing. The two went to a Phillies game, and Carson says Hart is his role model.

Carter Hart trade destinations NHL
Carter Hart trade destinations NHL

Hart reiterated his genuine affection for Philadelphia, emphasizing that he is happy to be a Flyer and appreciates the opportunity to represent the city and its passionate fan base. That doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be traded, but it doesn’t sound like he’s looking to be moved or that the Flyers went out of their way to try and make a deal happen.

As the new NHL season approaches, Carter Hart’s unwavering commitment to the Philadelphia Flyers and his positive outlook on the team’s future offer hope and excitement to Flyers fans eager to witness his continued growth and success.



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