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13 Interesting Facts About the Royal Wedding

What made the Royal Wedding so special? Here are 13 Things to consider.

The royal wedding is over. Prince Harry, 33, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, married Meghan Markle, 36, an American actress, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, an old town just west of London.

Here are 13 interesting facts about that wedding.

Fact #1: This Royal Wedding was a Fun One

While Kate and William’s wedding was solemn, stately, stuffy, and full of dignitaries and politicians – read, boring. The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was fun. One person reported that it looked more like the Academy Awards than a wedding, without the winners and losers. Why? Because this wedding was not about a future king, but a sort of royal nobody. Lots of pomp, a lots less circumstance – sounds like a party.

Fact #2: The Royal Family has Changed Over the Years

Part of the difference in the tone of this wedding is because time has passed and, during that time, both Great Britain and the royal family has changed. As well, people see the royal family differently. In part, that difference suggests closeness and less distance. My call – when you watch a Netflix series like The Crown, it is hard to remember that this family used to be so outside our own reality as mere mortals.

Fact #3: Harry Can Relax in Ways That William Cannot

Because Harry is the second son, he is not a future king. Good for him. He has the freedom to be more relaxed and less traditional than his brother. The royal wedding was so much less conventional than royal weddings we have seen before because is has little to do with ensuring royal line security. BTW, Harry did not shave his full red beard.

Fact #4: Harry and Meghan Really Seem to Like Each Other

The wedding was a celebration. Like all weddings, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pledged their eternal love, but this one really seemed like two kids in love. They both looked happy and relaxed. During their vows no one came forward to provide any reason that they should not be married.

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