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Zdeno Chara Has Had 20 Teams Call About Signing, Status With Bruins

Zdeno Chara has 20 teams interested in his return to the NHL. He’s talking to the Boston Bruins first about a new deal before moving on.

There should be news coming down the pipe soon as it relates to Zdeno Chara. Apparently, with the news the NHL 2020-21 season is officially set to kick off on January 13th, Chara has decided he’s ready to come back and play and he’s talking to teams about a potential return.

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As per Pierre LeBrun of TSN, he tweeted on Monday, “Chara’s agent Matt Keator says he expects to have talks with Boston the next few days”. He added that he and his veteran client have had “20-plus teams reach out to me, but his focus right now is to talk to Boston.”

Where those talks with the Bruins sit is unclear, but Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald wrote, “In his Zoom meeting with reporters, team president Cam Neely was both very careful and decidedly noncommittal when it came to the prospect of a Chara return, saying that issue was still being “flushed out.” Chara, 43, is an unrestricted free agent.

Chara’s agent has added that the defenseman hasn’t closed the door on retirement and if something strange happens to the season, perhaps new information regarding NHL bubbles or otherwise comes up, things might change, “But he seems very interested in playing if it’s the right fit.’”

The question now will be that right fit is Boston?

Chara Has a Lot of Options

Clearly, the Bruins would like to have Chara back but they’d also like to look at some of their young options and aren’t totally sure where Chara would fit into that equation. It sounds like Chara would like to return as well, but again, the fit has to be right.

Zdeno Chara and the Boston Bruins talking, but is there a fit?

That said, if the numbers or the terms don’t work, Chara’s agent says there’s certainly no shortage of options available.

Neely added that this was a difficult time for anybody coming back after a long break and jumping into a compressed schedule. He notes there’s a ton of factors in play when it comes to Zdeno and it’s certainly not a slam dunk that Chara returns.

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