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Yanni Gourde Has Hearing for Charging Oilers’ Mattias Ekholm

Seattle Kraken forward Yanni Gourde will have an phone hearing with the NHL DoPS for charging Oilers’ defenseman Mattias Ekholm.

Yanni Gourde of the Kraken will have a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety on Friday. The reason was his charging hit on Edmonton Oilers’ defenseman Mattias Ekholm. It will be a phone hearing, meaning if any supplemental discipline is handed down, it will only be a fine or a couple of games, at most.

The Oilers’ recent clash with an impressive comeback against the opposition took a contentious turn late in the third period, as the two teams got physical. It started as Connor McDavid and Yanni Gourde were going after one another and Gourde wanted McDavid to fight after a crosscheck. McDavid declined, to Gourdre took a run at defenseman Mattias Ekholm.

The game had gotten out of reach for Seattle as the Oilers rallied with three unanswered goals to seize the lead. When Gourde charged Ekholm, it appeared to be clear intent to hurt the blueliner.

The pivotal play occurred as Ekholm retrieved a puck behind the net, only to face a forceful hit from Gourde on the forecheck. Gourde elevated, never slowed down and Ekholm, while thankfully unharmed, went after Gourde in the crease once he shook off the hit. Ekholm was seen warning Gourde while both sat in the box. Gourde eventually got a 5-minute major and was removed from the game.

The NHL Is Looking At The Hit by Gourde

After the game, Ekholm shared his perspective with reporters and remarked, “I didn’t love the hit. I don’t think you should ever jump into a hit, I think he jumped right at my face and I was just the recipient of it more than anything.”

Yanni Gourde Mattias Ekholm hit

The league’s response to the incident involves a hearing, albeit not in-person, suggesting that any potential supplemental discipline would not exceed five games if a suspension is deemed necessary. The deliberation will weigh the gravity of the hit and its potential risks, considering both the immediate impact on Ekholm and the broader implications for player safety. As the hockey community awaits the league’s decision, the incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing scrutiny surrounding player conduct and the commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment on the ice.

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