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Winnipeg Jets Targeting Brenden Dillon Out of San Jose?

The Winnipeg Jets are looking for help at center and defense, the priority being the blue line. Rumors are they may be targeting a defenseman out of San Jose.

The panel from Tuesday’s “TSN Insider Trading” segment talked the immediate and NHL Trade Deadline plans for the Winnipeg Jets and during that segment, Tessa Bonhomme mentioned during the Winnipeg Jets are looking for help at center and on defense. It was noted the Jets need for a center is a result of injuries but the search blue line help has been a long time coming.

TSN Insider Darren Dreger focused on the defense for the Jets and said their need to improve dated back to the start of the season when the team lost Jacob Trouba, Tyler Myers, and Ben Chiarot. Thinking they’d have Dustin Byfuglien, things really changed when he was not available in the dramatic storyline that unfolded as the 2019-20 regular season got underway. In one summer, the Jets strength turned into a huge weakness.

Dreger then noted that the Jets are specifically looking for a top-four defenseman and that no option won’t be considered, including both rentals and term players. The only thing Winnipeg needs to worry about is their long-term cap issues should they add a player with significant salary.

Jets to Target Brenden Dillion?

This is where Pierre LeBrun added what he knew of the situation, saying the Jets might be focused in on a player like Brenden Dillon out of San Jose. The Sharks are expected to be sellers at this year’s deadline and Dillon is among the most notable trade pieces available and one that could fetch the Sharks a decent return.

The only issue for the Jets is that San Jose will have plenty of trade options on the table as LeBrun believes that at least six NHL teams are part of the trade conversation. By the time the back-and-forth is finished with all the prospective teams Dillon could be shipped to, LeBrun speculates Dillon could fetch a second-round pick and prospect for the Sharks.

What will the Jets do? They’re a team traditionally known to make a splash at the past few deadlines so standing pat is probably not in the cards.

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