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Toronto and Montreal Talking About a Domi and Kapanen Deal?

There’s a trade pitch out there suggesting the Montreal Canadiens move Max Domi to Toronto for Kasperi Kapanen. Does this trade suggestion have any teeth?

Let’s just say, we’re not sure how this would be a good use of Kasperi Kapanen as a trade asset when the Toronto Maple Leafs have bigger needs but there is buzz the Canadiens and Maple Leafs might have a deal possible that would include Max Domi heading to Toronto and Kapenan headed to Montreal.

In theory, the idea sounds fun. Domi would go home to Toronto where his father was like a god and Kapanen could build chemistry with fellow Finns Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Joel Armia but this doesn’t really address the Maple Leafs biggest needs.

The origins of this trade rumor comes from TVA Sports Jean-Charles Lajoie (translation required) who writes that the two teams could build a trade with Max Domi and Kasperi Kapanen as the centerpieces. Lajoie believes the decline in Domi’s production has Montreal thinking about a move before re-signing him and making a mistake and Kapanen has been out there in the rumor mill of late.

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Perhaps Lajoie believes the Maple Leafs would be interested because their lacking some team toughness and Domi could provide that along with skill but he’s ignoring the fact the needs on defense and at the backup goaltending position are much greater. Rumors surrounding Kapanen primarily center around his being used to shore up those holes.

Domi for Kapanen seems like a fun idea and while the Montreal Canadiens would probably do it in a heartbeat, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense for Toronto considering their needs, cap issues and more.

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