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Why Hasn’t Travis Hamonic Signed Yet in Free Agency?

Why is Travis Hamonic still available in free agency? He’s a serviceable defenseman yet to find a home.

There are some big names still on the board in this year’s NHL free agency class. At the same time a lot of big names have been plucked off the Top 50 list. One of the names many expected to go early, but who hasn’t gone yet is defenseman Travis Hamonic. Why?

There’s no easy answer to that question and most insiders seem baffled when asked the question. Brian Burke simply said, “I don’t know” when asked during a radio interview on Sportsnet’s Boomer in the Morning show. Other hockey analysts seem just as a baffled.

The easy answer is that better defenseman were scooped up quickly. But, Hamonic is not a bad defenseman. In many ways, he’s somewhat like Chris Tanev who got a good deal in Calgary where it appears Hamonic will be leaving. While perhaps not as skilled, Hamonic offers a lot of the same attributes.

Is it cost? Is it a willingness to play in certain cities? It is attitude? What has kept Hamonic from being picked up?

The longer he waits, the more likely he’s able to get as an unrestricted free agent on the open market. The Canucks are said to be interested and the Winnipeg Jets seem like a natural fit, but there’s not been much in the way of talk surrounding the player.

Could The Future NHL Format Be Playing a Role?

This is merely speculation, but one has to wonder if teams not rushing to Hamonic as a free agent has anything to do with his hesitation to play in an NHL bubble environment. He chose to sit out the play-in round and playoffs and he might not be keen on playing again if the NHL is forced to do something similar again to start next season.

If so, it would make sense that teams aren’t eager to sign a player who might not play.

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