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What’s New in Ryan Renolds Bid to Buy the Ottawa Senators?

The Ottawa Senators are for sale. One person who’s made his desire known is Ryan Reynolds. What does Reynolds have going for him?

In a recent interview, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman joined the Jeff Marek Show to discuss the latest in the sale of the Ottawa Senators. In that interview, he and Merek talk about why Ryan Reynolds and the Remington bid continue to gain momentum.

Specifically, Merek noted that Reynolds’ “charm offensive is nothing short of outstanding.”

Ryan Reynolds Is Both Charming and Smart

During the interview, Friedman and Merek talk about the impact of Ryan Reynolds on the sale. Both discuss what Merek labeled Reynolds’ “charm effect.” The belief was that it was a very real thing that could impact the Senators’ sale.

What Reynolds and His Group Have Going for Them

Specifically, Reynolds and his group, Remington, have several things going for them in the sale of the Ottawa Senators.

In Reynolds’ Favor #1: Momentum

Momentum: The interview mentions that Reynolds’ momentum is a “very real thing.” Reynolds has been actively involved in promoting his interest in purchasing the Ottawa Senators. He’s engaged with the mayor, used social media to promote the team, and has been visible in the community. This momentum might work in his favor as potential buyers consider their options.

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In Reynolds’ Favor #2: Marketing skills

Marketing skills: Reynolds is known for his marketing skills and creative ideas. He’s been successful in other ventures and has a high consumer sincerity index. That means he’s perceived as genuine in his promotional efforts. He might have an advantage in the sale of the Senators. He can leverage his marketing skills to generate public interest and support for his bid.

Ryan Reynolds Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

In Reynolds’ Favor #3: Active involvement

Active involvement: Unlike some other investors who might be seen as silent partners, Reynolds has shown a willingness to be actively involved in the team and its promotion. This could be appealing to potential sellers. They’d see him as someone genuinely interested in the team’s success and willing to invest time and effort into it.

In Reynolds’ Favor #4: Reputation

Reputation: During the interview, Merek and Friedman mention that Reynolds has a positive reputation among those who have paid attention to him. This could work in his favor as potential sellers may view him as someone trustworthy and reliable.

In Reynolds’ Favor #5: Financial resources

Financial resources: While not explicitly mentioned during the interview, the public knows Reynolds to be a successful actor and entrepreneur. Given the nature of the Senators’ history, one must assume Reynolds has the financial resources to back his bid for the Senators. That matters.

The Bottom Line for Reynolds Purchase for the Senators

In summary, Reynolds and his group, Remington, have momentum, marketing skills, active involvement, a positive reputation, and potentially the financial resources to make their bid for the Senators appealing to potential sellers. However, it’s important to note that the outcome of the sale will depend on various factors, including the interests and preferences of the current owners and other potential buyers.

Therefore, although Reynolds has seemed to have taken the narrative over, the truth is that it’s difficult to predict with certainty what will happen in the sale of the Senators. As both Merek and Friedman suggest, timelines and specific details may be unclear, and the situation may continue to evolve.

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