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3 Things to Know About Nylander’s Record-Breaking Maple Leafs Extension

The news broke today that William Nylander signed a record-breaking extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs. What are three takeaways?

Now that the news is out and William Nylander has signed on with the Toronto Maple Leafs for eight seasons – with a complete no-move clause by the way – what are three takeaways from that signing? Having secured the largest total contract in team history at $92-million over eight years ($11.5M AAV), the Leafs went all-in.

This deal will be heavily debated by fans, many of whom will argue the player is worth it. Many will call this one of the bigger overpays in franchise history.

Takeaways from Nylander’s Record-Breaking Signing

Between a clear desire to stay in Toronto, his decision to hold off on signing the deal, and the amount in which he finally signed for, there are few items worth noting.

Takeaway One: Nylander Wanted This Long-Term Commitment

Nylander had hoped for this long-term deal with the Maple Leafs, and it has materialized. Now that it’s a record-breaking signing, it adds even more insight into the commitment both ways. In listening to Nylander during recent conversations, he had openly expressed his strong desire to stay in Toronto with this team. For someone who, notoriously, holds his cards close to his chest, he laid out his aspirations for a lengthy extension in a direct way.

Treliving’s and Nylander’s negotiations are over!

He described the opportunity to continue playing for Toronto as a “dream.” He also highlighted his special connection with the team and the city. This personal commitment adds an emotional layer to his on-ice play, making his extended tenure a huge chapter in his career. I, for one, hope I’m around long enough to see how this tenure goes.

Takeaway Two: Nylander’s Strategic Investment Pays Off

While I am not completely buying into the fact that Nylander made a strategic decision to bet on himself this season, I can’t rule it out either. I think he’s just the kind of guy who goes out and plays his game and lets someone else (in this case his agent) do the heavy contact lifting. However, if he did think that strategically, even better.

Whatever, the scenario has paid off. Choosing to sign now with the Maple Leafs instead of testing unrestricted free agency, the 27-year-old forward started the season with a franchise-record 17-game point streak. He’s currently ranked among the top five in NHL scoring with 54 points in 37 games.

In short, Nylander’s has been brilliant. In addition, the mutual decision to sign him long-term reflects both his personal growth as well as the Maple Leafs’ recognition of his pivotal role in their continued success.

Takeaway Three: Nylander Signed a Record-Breaking Contract

Nylander’s contract will be a historic investment in the team’s future. The Maple Leafs’ commitment to Nylander was clear. They went all in by inking him to a historic eight-year, $92 million contract extension.

That it’s the largest deal in the franchise’s history is interesting. Does it change the focus on the team’s leadership? Where does Auston Matthews’ shorter deal now place him in the “commit to this team” narrative?

William Nylander Toronto Maple Leafs contract
William Nylander’s Toronto Maple Leafs contract has been signed.

The contract will kick in next season with an average annual value (AAV) of $11.5 million. As noted, this is a record-breaking contract. It shows the Maple Leafs’ commitment to Nylander because it includes a full no-movement clause. In this clause, the team demonstrates its belief in the youngster and is now dedicated to making him a core of the team. It’s a huge gamble; but, the organization believes he’s worth it.

The Bottom Line for Nylander’s Future with the Maple Leafs

Nylander’s monumental investment clearly shows the organization’s belief in building the future around Nylander.

His journey from expressing his dream of a long-term stay to securing a record-breaking contract might become a remarkable moment for both player and team. The Maple Leafs’ strategic decision to invest in Nylander’s continued contributions shows their vision and sets the stage for the team’s pursuit of a championship.

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