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New Golden Knights Third Jerseys Get Teased Online Over Design

The Vegas Golden Knights have introduced their new retro-reverse third jerseys. It’s an interesting design considering recent news.

A first-look at the new Vegas Golden Knights third jersey, a reverse-retro style jersey, hit social media on Wednesday and the early reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the Golden Knights are the brunt of some pretty creative jokes based on the design and their choice of colors.

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The idea of a reverse retro jersey is basically a inversion of colour schemes. In the case of a team like the Edmonton Oilers, it would be the orange and blue swapping places on the rumoured new Oilers whites for example. In the case of the Golden Knights however, they don’t really have a design history to market, so they’ve come up with something new.

It’s not that the jerseys are awful looking. In fact, some people have found them pretty cool. That said, there are a few potential issues with this particular release.

First, if you look at the front, as it does on the primary jersey, the swords merge with the stardust up top, but are outside of it at the bottom. Perhaps the effect is to show the sword going ‘thru’ the star not placed behind it. Second, when you consider the red color and the sword imagery, fans can’t help but poke a bit of fun at the news story that broke when Marc Andre-Fleury’s agent Allan Walsh posted a tweet suggesting the organization had stabbed their goalie in the back. Of course, the jersey first-look features Fleury as the name on the back of the jersey.

Teams Will Have Hits and Misses

Regardless, the retro jerseys are a great way for the teams to make some money while the league is shut down. There’s bound to be hits and misses on these jersey designs. There are also going to be a lot of Golden Knights fans ready to pull out their credit cards in time to order for the holidays.

Where does this one rank for you?

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