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Police Officer One of Two People Charged In Gretzky Memorabilia Theft

Two people have been charge (one a police officer) in the theft of over $500K worth of Wayne Gretzky memorabilia.

The story of $500K worth of memorabilia that was recovered after being stolen from Walter Gretzky’s home just gets stranger and stranger. Updates on the open investigation on Wednesday note that an Ontario police officer is now facing fraud charges after lengthy fact-finding mission revealed her involvement in the theft related to Wayne Gretzky’s legendary father.

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According to multiple reports, police say a three-month probe into the theft uncovered an alleged fraud involving a Gretzky hockey stick. Via The Canadian Press: “A spokeswoman for the Ontario Provincial Police says Insp. June Dobson is facing fraud charges in the case.”

Apparently, Dobson was already on a paid leave of absence for an unrelated incident when the charges were announced Tuesday. She is facing charges of fraud over $5,000 and breach of trust and Brantford Police added on that a 58-year-old Oakville man has been arrested and charged with theft over $5,000 and possession over $5,000.

The accused is known to the Gretzky family and can be seen in photos from an Aug. 2014 golf tournament chauffering Walter Gretzky in a golf course, and posing for a photo with him.

The Oakville man being charged in this case has yet to be named but police say the investigation is still ongoing and more arrests could be made.

What Were They Thinking?

Not only is this a strange story, but one has to wonder what these two were thinking? While police say they discovered that several missing items had been sold to collectors, which led to search warrants being executed last Tuesday, the thief(s) had to know it would be very difficult to sell such items on the open market without someone catching on.

And, that a police officer would throw her career down the tubes for something like this is baffling.

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