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Trade Conversations For Kane and Toews Expected to Heat Up

Trade conversations between the Chicago Blackhawks and other teams for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews should heat up.

As per Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff, expect trade conversations to pick up involving both Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, even well ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline. Seravalli has both players listed right near the top of his trade bait board and when asked about the latest on both players, he noted that timing and the calendar is going to play a big role.

Seravalli said, “I think the calendar is what’s really important when it comes to talking about Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.” He adds, “We know that the trade deadline isn’t until March 3rd, but as the calendar begins to flip to December, that’s when conversations are really expected to begin in earnest between the Blackhawks and the Kane and Toews camp, which is interesting enough in that they’re both represented by the same agent in CAA Sports’ Pat Brisson.”

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews: photo by Sara A Flickr.
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews: photo by Sara A Flickr.

Noting that both players have massive contracts that are going to take a lot of juggling to make work on almost any roster either join, there’s also the fact that a third team will likely have to get involved in trade discussions, making the process of actually completing a trade more challenging. Seravalli notes, “They both have identical contracts at $10.5 million, and have all of the same clauses in which Kane and Toews hold the key.”

The Blackhawks are pleasantly surprised with the season Toews is having in particular. It sounds like the organization figured it might be a bit more challenging to find a trade partner based on his recent levels of production. But, as Toews turns back the clock a bit this season, more and more teams are taking notice. That’s good news for the Blackhawks who will be open to trading him.

Both Players Will Choose Their Landing Spot

When you factor in the fact that both Kane and Toews have total say as to where they wind up, this has to be taken into account when it comes to the amount of time it could take to get a trade finalized. That means talking more ahead of the deadline and feeling out the idea that either or both player would be comfortable in their new environment. They’ll be asking, ‘Is this a rental situation?’ and, ‘Could I see myself signing a deal here?’

Seravalli also suggests that the team acquiring one of these players will be giving up something important to get them. Citing Claude Giroux’s trade to Florida last season as an example, Seravalli notes, “A first-round pick, a former first-round pick in Owen Tippett, those types of players and pieces will be involved in this type of transaction I would imagine whenever it happens, if it happens before the March 3rd trade deadline.”

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